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Dark Night of the Soul

Defend Central Station

Dark Night of the Soul0
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27 Mar 2011
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This achievement is story-driven and unmissable. You'll unlock this on the level "terminus" once you defeat the mini boss towards the beginning of the level
klobeastSo this level was completely owning me on Supersoldier difficulty. If you're in my position, defeat the pinger by a tossing C4 at it from the top level directly to the left of it when it first hits the floor. Then as it runs away from you use your JAW against its red 'heart' a couple of times and follow that up with some Swarmer missiles

After dying about 30 times (I'm not very good), this method took him out within 1 minute.
Posted by klobeast on 21 Dec 11 at 06:47
Solario32The mini boss is called a Pinger.
Posted by Solario32 on 11 Dec 14 at 20:41