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Close Combat

Get close to enemies to kill them.

Close Combat0
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30 Mar 2011
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To get this achievement, you must kill 10 enemies who are in manic mode at close range. This achievement took me a long time to figure out because I didn't realize that they had to be in manic mode. Of course, to get them into manic mode, simply tap them. The best enemies for this achievement are the "X" shaped ones that shoot out the side and the long blue ones.
Da Mitch Man 90does this have to be done in 1 go or does it accumilate
Posted by Da Mitch Man 90 on 26 May 11 at 23:04
Bomber371 go.
Posted by Bomber37 on 26 May 11 at 23:16
BuckswanaThanks! Didn't know they had to be in manic for it. 8)
Posted by Buckswana on 01 Jun 11 at 17:27
Matt DB87Thanks!
Posted by Matt DB87 on 23 Jun 12 at 21:50