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Proving Grounds

Win JR's GTR Challenge

Proving Grounds0
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31 Mar 2011
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This is the race event before you can start you carreer!

It's very easy to get 2nd place but the first is much harder, because the first one ist very fast, and your gt-r turns out very fast, in the race i finaly beat it, i got the first palce in the first round. But you can restart the race over and over from PAUSE MENUE - after the race you will not be able to repeat it!

If you have missed it at your carrer start (like me) you have to transver (not copy) your save game to (usb)memoryunit and plug off the MU -> so you can start a new carrer - after you have beaten the race - you can delete this save - and transfer the one from MU back to HDD
DaKraftyFellaIs that easy to do ?
Posted by DaKraftyFella on 01 Apr 11 at 20:03
ZavisticThanks for this! i didn't even realise there was an achievement for winning that. As most people did i came second and didn't really think to restart the race :S
Posted by Zavistic on 02 Apr 11 at 08:05
DeaconFrost2kwhat is easy to do? the mu transfer? -> you can do this over xbox system menu
Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 02 Apr 11 at 09:31
Davidthealienim like XNoodlesX on this finished 2nd and thought cool and just kept going not realizing i cant go effing back. Thanks for the tip though will have to go back to this at some point.
Posted by Davidthealien on 04 Apr 11 at 16:15
DavidthealienIf we do the transfer like you said is that going to still count in beating all the rivals cheevo?
Posted by Davidthealien on 04 Apr 11 at 19:44
DeaconFrost2kThis one is not a rival, rivals are 9 (drift -> gt1) you can look up in autolock, at your badges, what are the rivals, and which you have beaten.
Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 05 Apr 11 at 04:34
DavidthealienDefinitely nice to know thanks Deacon Frost2k
Posted by Davidthealien on 05 Apr 11 at 13:40
GsA UnReaLiZewhat iff i have every achievement, except this one, then DELETE my save and start over?
Posted by GsA UnReaLiZe on 28 May 11 at 07:57
This is the hardest achievement ever on a game.
Posted on 07 Aug 11 at 21:27
i think when you drive a slow time in the first (time) race the enemys in race 2 are slower ;)
Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 07 Aug 11 at 21:56
Christian21JGuess im good at racing,got it on the first try
Posted by Christian21J on 01 Dec 12 at 22:43