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Mad Genius

Complete 16 hidden challenges in Multiplayer.

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21 Jun 2009 29 Jun 2009
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For the 5 xp every bonus event I've just made this:

Assist Unlocked at 150 XP
Damage an enemy a teammate then kills

Heal Teammate Unlocked at 325 XP
Restore at least Half of a teammates health

Pack Hunter Unlocked at 550 XP
Be Near a teammate when they kill an enemy

Rescue Kill Unlocked at 700 XP
Kill an enemy near a teammate that has been knocked down

Synchronized Kill Unlocked at 900 XP
Kill an enemy at the same time a nearby teammate does

Vendetta Unlocked at 1,200 XP
Kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate

Crush Unlocked at 1,500 XP
Kill an enemy with building debris

Beat Down Unlocked at 1,600 XP
Kill an enemy with a melee attack

Streak Stopper Unlocked at 1,800 XP
Kill an enemy who is unstoppable

Death From Above Unlocked at 2,150 XP
Kill and enemy by thrusting down
Hold A and thrust when above or near an enemy

Remote Save Unlocked at 2,300 XP
Kill an enemy before they can detonate a Remote Charge
stuck to you or a teammate

Survivor Unlocked at 2,600 XP
Recover to full health after nearly dying

Unstoppable Unlocked at 3,050 XP
Kill 5 or more enemies in a row

Backwhat? Unlocked at 3,200 XP
Kill an enemy that is wearing a backpack while you are not
wearing one

Knockdown Unlocked at 3,650 XP
Knock down multiple enemies simultaneously with the Concussion pack

Death by Boundary Unlocked at 4,100 XP
Knock an enemy out of the level boundaries

Stuck Unlocked at 4,400 XP
Detonate a Remote Charge stuck to an enemy

Headshot Kill Unlocked at 4,550 XP
Kill an enemy with a headshot

Whos #1? Unlocked at 5,000 XP
Kill the enemy with the highest number of kills

Full Control Unlocked at 5,400 XP
Fully Repair a target

Mega KillUnlocked at 5,800 XP
Kill multiple enemies within 3 seconds

Back Off Unlocked at 6,600 XP
Kill an enemy who is melee attacking at close range

Ghost Kill Unlocked at 7,000 XP
Kill a stealthed enemy

Bullseye Unlocked at 7,200 XP
Kill an enemy with a direct rocket hit

Backfire Unlocked at 7,800 XP
Kill an enemy with their own explosive

You're Doing It Wrong! Unlocked at 8,250 XP
Kill an enemy with the Reconstructor

Charge Unlocked at 8,750 XP
Rhino charge through a wall and kill an enemy

Power Trip Unlocked at 9,500 XP
With Firepower active, kill an enemy with a melee weapon

Interceptor Unlocked at 10,600 XP
Kill a ragdolling enemy in mid-air

Hail Mary Unlocked at 10,900 XP
Kill an enemy from far away without using a gun

Blast Unlocked at 11,500 XP
Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel or tank

Flagman Unlocked at 12,200 XP
Kill an enemy with their team flag

Air Strike Unlocked at 13,000 XP
Kill an enemy while in the air

Shake It Up Unlocked at 14,200 XP
Kill an enemy while your Tremor pack is activated

Dust Bunny Unlocked at 15,500 XP
Kill an enemy who is in mid-jump

Good Timing Unlocked at 16,500 XP
Use the Rhino or Thrust pack to survive an attack

BBQ Unlocked at 17,500 XP
Hit 3 enemies simultaneously with the Arc Welder

Blindside Unlocked at 18,500 XP
Kill an enemy from behind

Payback Unlocked at 20,250 XP
Exact revenge within 15 seconds of respawning

X-Ray Unlocked at 22,500 XP
Kill an enemy through a wall with the Rail Driver

Sharpshooter Unlocked at 24,000 XP
Shoot and kill an enemy from far away

Sleeper Kill Unlocked at 27,000 XP
Kill a fallen enemy with a melee attack

Death From Below Unlocked at 29,000 XP
Kill an enemy by thrusting up

Rainbow Wars Unlocked at 31,000 XP
Kill an enemy that is using the Heal Pack

Lined Up Unlocked at 33,000 XP
Hit 2 or more enemies with one Rail Driver shot

Doppleganger Unlocked at 38,000 XP
Kill an enemy that has the same backpack you do

Zombie Kill Unlocked at 44,000 XP
Kill an enemy from beyond the grave

Vertigo Unlocked at 48,000 XP
Kill an enemy above or below you

Camper Unlocked at 52,000 XP
Kill an enemy while standing still

No Problem Unlocked at 56,000 XP
Kill an enemy while at full health

Trying to compile videos on YOUtube on how to do each of these
Anita23What is Arc Welder and Rail Driver?
Posted by Anita23 on 25 Aug 09 at 07:42
Seanrock101Arc welder is the eletric shooter gun

The rail driver is the gun that can shoot through walls and leaves a blue trail
Posted by Seanrock101 on 28 Aug 09 at 22:58
hunterIVAre these counted if you do what the description says before you unlock it? i.e. If I kill 5 enemies while at full health, when I hit 56,000XP will I have 5 No Problems?
Posted by hunterIV on 19 Sep 09 at 06:16
Seanrock101no,Well when I did these when the game first came out I couldn't so unless they changed it now you need to do them again at 56,000 exp.

Well there are only like 2 or 3 you need more than on person fore so just have a boosting buddy to help get th other lot of challenges
Posted by Seanrock101 on 19 Sep 09 at 13:30
RhyoliticTip for Crush...

You need to damage the person before the debris hits them. I had multiple "x has Crushed himself" which didn't count for me.

At 50% regen, 100% health, you can shoot a person 8 times in the leg with the pistol. Shoot 6 times, set a Singularity Bomb next to them (making sure to be in an area with a bunch of buildings), as soon as it is set, back off and pop them twice more in the leg. When the bomb detonates, you should get the Bonus.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 15 Dec 09 at 03:44
ohyeahbbrushLined Up Unlocked at 33,000 XP
Hit 2 or more enemies with one Rail Driver shot

this is the only one I need :/
Posted by ohyeahbbrush on 14 Jun 10 at 16:13
AC1DGro0ve 3o3Can these be done in player matches or does it have to be ranked?
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 01 Aug 11 at 16:20
WicelowThey can be done in private matches.

Thanks a lot for the list, really helped me !
Posted by Wicelow on 27 Aug 11 at 23:06
NickHawkeyeI'm hosting kill/exp sessions for anyone that wants to get some of these on their turn. i don't have enough exp to get them all yet so im just going for kills right now but always willing to help out
Posted by NickHawkeye on 08 Feb 12 at 13:50
MASTERCHEATZ930How do u get the blast bonus. I never saw any barrels on multiplayer maps.
Posted by MASTERCHEATZ930 on 13 May 12 at 05:35
Seanrock101I'm not 100% on this one. But as far as I remember there are gas tanks about in siege mode to help destroy the objectives.
Posted by Seanrock101 on 13 May 12 at 11:59
NickHawkeyeThere are also tanks in crash site I believe. they are big white propane looking tanks. and you can get more than 1 from each. i.e. have 2 or 3 people standing next to the tank when you shoot it and you will get that number of "blast" points
Posted by NickHawkeye on 05 Jun 12 at 11:28
Mobius EvalonI made a fast and crude reference map for Crash Site. It has all 10 backpacks on it so it's a great place to work on all those assorted backpack challenges. I also marked the explosive barrels on the map with red dots.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 28 Feb 15 at 00:54