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Awarded to the single driver who wins the race with full Difficulty, including no Assists.

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Lo IngobernableLo Ingobernable263,107
22 Jun 2009
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OK, once you get up to around Level 10, you'll have a decent enough car (I had a 69 Fairlady tuned to a P.I. of >900). This'll be more than enough. Turn all the diff. mods to maximum, then pick the first track in the Proving Grounds Japanese Series. It's a very easy track (2 laps of what's really a slightly more complex rectangle). Even if you don't race at speed (you only need to do the straights in third gear and the main corners in second), as long as you don't make any huge errors and drive off the track, you should beat them by a fair margin, as they're all C/D rated.
SpectreSubZeroWorked great. I used an R class Porche and got it on my first try!
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 10 Sep 09 at 21:43
HoffmanThose of you with the Major Nelson XBL car should have no problem with this one, since it has a PI of 998.
Posted by Hoffman on 02 Nov 09 at 01:10
Mickey BurnsThis is exactly how I did it ... except I was level 40 and used a 999 car. Rarely had to shift (up or down) and stayed pretty much in 3rd gear the whole race. Like you said, if you make no huge errors you will easily win.
Posted by Mickey Burns on 30 Sep 10 at 02:17