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Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol

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06 Apr 2011 06 Apr 2011
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Credit to Benchem for coming up with this!

If you are suicide boosting for the Seriously achievement you can save yourself a weapon boosting session with this method. Please look at the details of suicide boosting in the achievement guides for Seriously. This is not a forum on what method is best for boosting Seriously. If you prefer suicide boosting this method will help you.

Make sure you are suicide boosting on the War Machine map.

Before the session starts ask to be the person getting shot by the torque bow. Make sure to explain what you are doing to the person using the torque bow first. While the effort is minimal on their part, not being on the same page is going to cause chaos.

Have your pistol selected. Stand a few paces apart from each other. Going to the same place every time makes this even easier. The person using the torque bow needs to aim at you and as soon as they start charging the torque bow shoot them IN THE HEAD until they die, about 5 shots should do the trick. When they die, the torque shot will release and hit you. They get their kill, you get a pistol/headshot kill.

Again, make sure the person using the torque bow is aiming at you and holds down the trigger without releasing it. Then start shooting their head.

The one caveat to this method is that you must finish before at least one of the grenade taggers. It should go without saying that you must both take the fastest path to the torque bow, no screwing around. Otherwise, the round will end before the person using the torque bow gets credit for their kill. Once you have it down, this shouldn't be a problem.

Anyone who has boosted Seriously with the suicide method knows that occasionally the torque bow is fickle. I did this with someone I'd been boosting with awhile so when the occasional mistake happened no one was blowing up about losing a kill. If it takes you more than 100 tries, well, you're in Seriously for 10,000+ so what's the rush? This achievement will pop up in one 2 hour suicide session or less.

Again, mistakes happen and this might take 1-3 rounds to perfect. Over the course of 10,000+ kills this will save you an hour or more and as any of the Seriously boosters know, every hour counts!
BenchemI'd just like to add that, while using this method, each kill will count towards both Pistolero and The Money Shot, as you'll be getting a Pistol/Head-shot kill.

Also, like most of the other online achievements in this game, these two achievements can glitch for some people, so don't be put off by this method if you don't get either achievement bang on 100 kills. I myself unlocked both between 105-130 kills. Hell, I got my Grenade achievement at 170+.
Posted by Benchem on 07 Apr 11 at 12:03
SinReturns03I'm now over 200 pistol kills using this method (i.e. head-shotting the torque bow user). Are you sure that headshot kills count for pistol (I have the head-shot achievement).

Posted by SinReturns03 on 26 Aug 11 at 16:57
braKito200 is pretty high, if that's really the case I'm afraid I don't know what the problem is. All I can tell you is that I earned the achievement this way as did a number of people in my sessions and the folks who gave this solution a thumbs up.

The pistol can be used for The Money Shot achievement which requires you to earn 100 headshots. Reference that achievement's guides for verification. Based on that I can only assume that those kills count and don't just vanish from the leaderboards.

I'm sorry this guide hasn't helped you yet. If you choose to continue using my method and it ends up working I'd really appreciate it if you commented later! If something's changed in multiplayer since I wrote this(though I doubt it) I don't want to be wasting people's time chasing a bad method.
Posted by braKito on 26 Aug 11 at 17:32
SinReturns03Ok, I'll keep at it. I haven't voted yet but I'll be sure to do so once the cheeve pops! I'll comment later as well.
Posted by SinReturns03 on 26 Aug 11 at 21:29
Rogue IronhideWorks like a charm! This is how I got my pistol and head-shots knocked out of the way. Saves time by jumping straight into Seriously instead of weapons boosting. Great guide!
Posted by Rogue Ironhide on 26 Aug 11 at 23:53
SinReturns03Confirmed: this does work, although my Pistol achievement unlocked after 300-350 kills (the headshot one popped waaaay before it). Regardless, pistol-head shots work and so this solution gets a positive vote from me!
Posted by SinReturns03 on 28 Aug 11 at 04:46
braKitoGood to know it still works, thanks for the update!
Posted by braKito on 28 Aug 11 at 05:22