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Finish an 8-player ranked or player match in Deathmatch mode with the highest number of kills.

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06 Apr 2011 20 Jun 2011
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This almost certainly needs to be boosted. People are almost never online, and most legit ranked games are far too small to get this achievement.

Set up or find a session and have at least eight people (including yourself) take turns winning a ranked deathmatch (turn off respawns so the game goes faster). Have the person who is going to win use a distinct character (red armband, white coat) so everyone is aware of who will be winning.

Play smart, and everyone can get this in 20-25 minutes.

***update*** As xMidget Furyx commented below, you can set the map to Lab Rat (a really small map), and set the score cap to two kills.
TDX069hey im down 4 ta boosted i need help with all tha mp
Posted by TDX069 on 04 May 11 at 23:28
Homunculus Furyto make this even faster set it to Lab Rats score limit to 2
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 19 Jun 11 at 12:58
GoetheKatzchenThanks for pointing that out, xMidget Furyx.
Posted by GoetheKatzchen on 20 Jun 11 at 12:57