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OSHA Violation

Kill 3 enemies using the crane.

OSHA Violation0
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06 Aug 2008
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In the chapter Highway 17, you will come acrossed a magnetic crane that allows you to pick up your buggy to continue the story. Alternatively, you can also pick up the shipment containers that are scattered around the dock area. Just pick up a container, and drop it on a soldier to kill him. You can alternatively swing the container at the Combine Soldier, which will send him flying, killing him. Get 3 kills using the shipment container, and the achievement will unlock.
Crimson DrifterAt my old job we were always warned about the OSHA Violations and the huge fines the company could get from them. So as I killed the soldiers with the crane and container I couldn't help but laugh the whole damn time :) the only time I would ever violate OSHA and get away with it hehe
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 18 Sep 08 at 05:33
FafhrddGood solution, just a small note, this achievement is in Half Life 2.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 09 Mar 10 at 22:27
ReaboHey dude great guide. I made a video to accompany it in case anyone wanted a visual

Gave you credit, feel free to include in the guide.
Posted by Reabo on 23 Dec 14 at 15:45