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Research Master

Max out research on all 9 research subjects.

Research Master0
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08 Apr 2011
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Hey man props out to SK diabolic for his detailed solution first off, and I have a few things to offer to help you folks get this achievement easier than I did... First off... While I found that the tonics for the camera were helpful, but not necicary at all.

Of the nine different enemies you have to research only two pose a real challenge.

First is the thuggish splicer. The secret with them is to simply remain in the level PAUPERS DROP, where you first acquire the camera, until you have them done. If you don't have them done when you leave paupers drop you won't be able get them again, so make sure you Finnish them then!

Second is the big sister. In the level INNER PERSEPHONE you will
encounter two big sisters at once. Before this you should have already encountered at least four, if you've delt with every little sister. Immediately after these two sisters is a short story related bit, then
several Houdini and brutish splicers, giving you a chance o Finnish
them both off, if you haven't already.

I'll Finnish by giving some nice tips to you all. The first one is that you can get some really easy research by using plasmids and bots. I found that the most effective way to build up my research quickly was to use DRILL SPECIALIST perk with level three electrobolt and winterfreeze. You start up the camera, hit them with freeze, then spam electrobolt for 1000 points on tougher enemies like big daddies, brutes, and alphas, 1500 on big sisters, and around 300- 500 on weaker splicers.

The other tip is bots. If you carry the level two security command perk you can summon two bots to fight for you, which easily boost your numbers. They score points for you and you can still be scoring the points yourself, which allows you to maximize your recearch. Just make sure you don't give them increased damage, you get the same amount of points regardless of the damage the bots do, so you can really get more that way. The swarm of bees power I count similarly to bots, and it makes it VERy easy to Finnish up the Houdini splicers, as they cannot do their warp move while they are being hitten by the bees.

FINALLY, to help you all with just a bit more advice, you can get even more research points by using unique weapons and methods of killing enemies. Things like electrocuting water on tougher enemies, like big
daddies, or using telekinesis to throw explosive projectiles at the
smaller enemies. Also good for this is CYCLONE TRAP, because it does mimimal damage to larger emirs, and only about a third of the smaller enemies life, giving you some good oppertunies to get extra points.

Peace out- The Infection