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x777x Infection
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Posted on 08 April 11 at 04:09, Edited on 09 April 11 at 03:23
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Okay, my first game review, so here goes... This reveiw has been edited a bit, to make it more cohesive and easy to understand. i have also added several sections to it, to give a more full reveiw, allowing you, the players, to better understand me. i also added a multiplayer reveiw. Sorry about any spelling or grammer mistakes! redface


bioshock two. It has to do a lot of work in order to live up to the standard set by it's predecessor, but with a solid base set up, and pleanty of room to expand and develop the series should only get better... We hope. Read on to find out...

Visuals: the style of rapture hasn't changed a bit. Every thing I looked at reminded me of my first stroll through rapture, after being waterlogged and left to deteriorate. The graphics looked pretty solid on my NON HD television, so with HDMI the game probably looks amazing. The visuals also help to establish the world, with EVE hypos jammed into dead splicers, constantly changing lighting, and a variety of enemy models, I never once felt like I was in the same place, each level felt fresh and new, and everything I touched had it's own Unique feel. Never once did I get bored with the visuals. There were also some nice minor touches, like the constant prescience of the helmet around my screen, the effects of the water on my visuals, the scratches and chips on my weapons, even the hack meter oozed of pure bioshock feeling. Never once did i get betrayed by poor visuals, even in NON HD!clap

Audio: bioshock deserves to be listened to through surround sound. I used turtle beaches, with digital 5.1 surround sound, and full boosters for maximum sound quality. and it sounded absolutely amazing. musicsmilesmile I could hear splicers arguing, the soft splashing of water hitting my metal helmet, and beautiful voice acting on the various radio Comunications I had. Even without surround sound the audio was great, and the music that played throughout the game was sharp and clear as well. The mood was always very well supplemented by the music and audio, and every unusual sound added to the experiance, drawing me deeper.

Plot: I was hesitant to step back into rapture after the events of the first game, fearing that i might taint the experiance, but instead it only got better. I found myself hunting for every audio tape, hungry to hear about the storys and events of rapture. the storys like that of mark meltzer, or the whales brothers, were only made better with every tape i unearthed. I found myself turning off my chat volume and leaving my parties, trying to eliminate all of the distractions that might pull me away from raptures amazing tales. I was so drawn in that i managed to find ALL 128 AUDIO TAPES, WITH NO GUIDES!

Gameplay: the gameplay was solid to say the least. Every bit and peice was balanced perfectly, with every gun and plasmid having its own great and unique feel and details. At the start of the game i felt just like i should have, a friughtened man, alive ten years after shooting myself. for a good while as i played through i felt weak, ammo was scarce, i was always broke, and i never had enough health or eve to get by. By the time the end of the game rolled around i was finally well off enough that i felt great about it. I went from a frightened and powerless scuba diver to a big, angry, homicidal metal badass, with more than enough weapons and plasmids to keep me happy. I was pleased though, as i never felt like i was TOO powerfull, except when i played through on easy, just to mop up ONE stray acheivment. it was also very well set up in that a player could easily come into it after having played the origional, but at the same time any player who hadn't played the oprigional could still play the game without anny worry of being abandoned in plot, and could transition into the game with ease.

Replayability: I played the campaign twice in two days. I didnt play anything but bioshock for a good 48 hour period, twelve hours a day. even though the single player experiance is so set in its ways i found myself drawn in both times, watching every cinematic, even though i usually religiously skip them, and playing audio tapestwo or three times, hanging on every word, even though i had already listened to them the day before. When you add in a fifty level online multiplayer, complete with a prestige system, the protector trials DLC, and a new three level DLC, you get a recipie for greatness. Might need some salt though... laugh

Multiplayer: my multiplayer experiances with rapture were short, but fun. They rempnded me of the famed COD series, but with a more frantic and crazy feel. there were some odvious balancing issues, and the big daddy suit was MASSIVLY overpowered, but i also found some games where every player on my team was comunicating and working together, and we managed to for a really great team that won every game until we signed off, no matter what challenges we were faced with. The whole multiplayer experiance wasn't up to par with the standards set by halo, COD, or some other massive games, but it was definatly worth looking into, and any true fan of rapture would be able to apriciate its hidden beauty. It is DEFINATLY best played with a well organized team however, in which every player has their guns and plasmids set up to work with the rest of the team. Nothing wins a game faster than throwing a barrel at an enemy, just after your friend lit it on fire, Or throwing someone with a cyclone trap into some water, which your friend is zapping with his electrobolt. the point is that the multiplayer is good fun, and worth at least one playthrough for the acheivments, even if it does have some issues.

The Flaws? Some of you might be wondering, if i thought so highly of bioshock 2, why would i include any flaws sections? well, perfect games are like supermodels, they look so perfect every second that their flaws stand out like neon signs (for the record, i hate supermodels, no offence, i just prefer natural beauty). The main flaws were fairly straight forward. The guns were all really cool and unique, but a couple of them felt like re-used versions of bioshock 1 guns, like the rocket launcher and the machine gun. I also thought that the upgrades available for some guns were slightly stupid. I liked things like the special sights on the spear gun, and less fuel on the drill, even the revolving barrels for the shotgun, but some just felt weak. I hated the plain upgrades like the power increse for every gun, which almost always left the gun looking only marginally different. I was really hoping for something more creative and unique, things which would make each weapon transform into its own great and powerfull tool, making each of them better and more special than things like richoceing bullets, or a projectile reflecting drill. Things that would make them into tools of TRUE bioshock power, like an adam needle on the drill.

AFTERWORDS: bioshock 2 just rocks. Plain and simple. There were some moments where I screamed so loud it made everyone I was playing with laugh for insane amounts of time. The neighbors complained. My dog got scared. Every second felt as natural and exciting as i could ever hope for. The point? If you want a great game play bioshock. If you want a great HORROR game play bioshock with the lights off. And surround sound. Alone. And frightened. As splicers kill your face off. On the highest difficulty. Are you scared yet? I thought so.

Single player: 9.6 / 10 = You NEED to buy this game. Dont be the poor fool who misses out on the chance to explore rapture. i havent heard anything about the two latest DLC's, but as soon as i buy them both i'll edit this reveiw to include them.

Multiplayer: 6.8 / 10 = while it may not be good enough to shell out sixty dollars for just the multiplayer it is fun enough to play, and the acheivments never hurt either. its a good multiplayer for a game designed to be a single player experiance. NUF SAID.

Peace out- The Infection

Radient Star Great review, although I am curious as to what made the end result a 9.6 and not a 10. You didn't really mention any downsides to the game, LOL.
Posted by Radient Star on 08 Apr 11 at 15:50
x777x Infection Well... It's almost impossible to achieve the massive ten score. It isn't something you can just hand out regularly, or else it looses it's impact. As for downsides... Hmmm... I guess I need to go back and do some editing.
Posted by x777x Infection on 08 Apr 11 at 17:39
WookieKiller247 Great review, I def agree with jumping back into the story and searching for dialogue. Due to the standards other games set in terms of MP xp, I def felt like the MP here was tacked on.
Posted by WookieKiller247 on 11 Apr 11 at 16:36