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Win 50 matches in the top player difficulty level.

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10 Apr 2011 27 May 2011
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If you are struggling to win games, I have found a little trick that will almost guarantee you a goal every time:

When their keeper picks up or catches the ball, run and stand in front of him with your striker (or whoever is closest at the time). Then when he goes to kick it, run forward and you want to be running past him (kinda through him) just as his foot connects with the ball. If done correctly, you'll be running into the goal with the ball at your feet. 1-0.

Also, if you're about to lose the game, hit the Start button, wait a few seconds, hit the Back button, and the game will reload and you can play the match again.

EDIT: thanks to SKIN RIP for this: "Just in case anyone was wondering u need to win in normal time, extra time and penalties do not count as a win"

This can be won either by playing quick matches, or by going through the Leagues or Cups on Top Player difficulty. As long as they are won within the 90 minutes.
SKIN RIPJust in case anyone was wondering u need to win in normal time, extra time and penalties do not count as a win
Posted by SKIN RIP on 11 Apr 11 at 16:18
Snow MarleyDiffrent question Mates, can i get that with the Matches from the leagues? So do i just have to Play trought the leagues on top Player difficulty and thats gonna be fine?
Posted by Snow Marley on 27 May 11 at 07:26
mydefposseyep, your wins from league and cup games count as long as they are won in 90 mins and not extra time or pens. I will update the solution to say this thanks for pointing it out.
Posted by mydefposse on 27 May 11 at 07:59
Snow MarleyI see thanks Mate
Posted by Snow Marley on 28 May 11 at 14:12
keungCan you get this in exhibition matches? I thought I was like 3-4 matches off the Regular or higher achievement, so I went on and played exhibition matches between Spain and Thailand on top player, but the achievement didn't unlock. I pressed rematch after each game, dunno if that matters or not
Posted by keung on 25 Dec 11 at 05:27
keungI am 4 matches off the Regular achievement. When I bought the game, I won a match on top player for fun. Then I played 36-2-0 on regular in the english league, and I currently have 9-0-0 in Ligue 1. I just went and defeated Iraq 4 times in a row on top player, which definitely should net me the regular achievement, but it didn't unlock at all. I made sure I beat them within 90 minutes in all matches. Once again I hit restart each time. This makes me believe that either a) restarting won't increment your amount of wins, or the less likely b) exhibition matches doesn't count..
Posted by keung on 25 Dec 11 at 05:36
keungNevermind! Turns out I was playing Ligue 1 on amateur :D
Posted by keung on 26 Dec 11 at 14:53
mydefpossedoh! lol
Posted by mydefposse on 26 Dec 11 at 14:58