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Mix It Up

Win a ranked match in every versus game type

Mix It Up0
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11 Apr 2011 22 Aug 2012
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Edit: Cleaned up solution with "fancy" formatting that I didn't really know how to use when I originally posted this solution

This is a good way to get multiple achievements in one session.
This method will get 6-8 people the following achievements:

"Around the World"(ATW)
Gears of WarAround the WorldThe Around the World achievement in Gears of War worth 99 pointsWin a ranked match on every versus map

Don't Hate the Player"(DHTP)
Gears of WarDon't Hate the PlayerThe Don't Hate the Player achievement in Gears of War worth 25 pointsFinish with the highest points in a ranked match

"Mix it Up"(MIU)
Gears of WarMix It UpThe Mix It Up achievement in Gears of War worth 58 pointsWin a ranked match in every versus game type

"Can't Touch Me"(CTM)
Gears of WarCan't Touch MeThe Can't Touch Me achievement in Gears of War worth 64 pointsWin 10 ranked matches without losing a round

way back when I got these achievements this is how the leader of the session had us go and I'm surprised this wasn't out here before so here is what I think is the best way to knock out multiple achievements in as short of time as possible.

(IMPORTANT!!! have the same people on the same teams though out the session i.e. if you were on COG for the first match stay on COG for the whole time and vise versa. This way everyone on COG will get "CTM" at the same time they get "ATW" then start over and let the Locust team do the same thing)
(Also note that if anyone needs "DHTP" that you can easily get this if you are on the team that is supposed to win, make sure to get all the kills for one match, then trade off next match until everyone has "DHTP")

1st run-though: "COG" run-though
Have someone start hosting 1 round games. I will go in alphabetical order of maps and game types but you can do them in any order as long as you catch them all. First start an Assassination match on Canals, meet in the middle and have 1 member of the COG team get all the kills to win the match (this person will get "DHTP"). Start the next match as Execution on Clocktower and have the COG team win again (switch who is killing if everyone needs "DHTP"). Start the Third match as a Warzone match on Escalation. (Everyone on COG team should get "MIU" at this point). Continue with whatever gametype you want (Assassination might be slightly quicker) for the matches on the remaining maps (Fuel Depot, Gridlock, Mansion, Mausoleum, Rooftops, Tyro Station, War Machine) at the end of the War Machine match everyone on Cog should get "ATW" and "CTM"

2nd run-though: "Locust" run-though
(make sure you keep the same teams)
This should go exactly the same as the COG run-though but for the Locust team.

everyone can get "Around the World"(ATW), Don't Hate the Player"(DHTP), "Mix it Up"(MIU), and "Can't Touch Me"(CTM) in (20) 1 round matches.

The full list of Maps and game types (if you want to make a checklist):

Fuel Depot
Tyro Station
War Machine

Game Types:
Octobot SuperGotta love efficiency guides! Thanks for this.
Posted by Octobot Super on 22 Aug 12 at 11:07
NickHawkeyeYou are welcome! glad to know its still helping people. even encouraged me to go back and add some nicer formatting. Enjoy!
Posted by NickHawkeye on 22 Aug 12 at 11:59
Octobot SuperLooking good!
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SniperMiopeGreat guide,congrats!!!!!!
Posted by SniperMiope on 03 Sep 12 at 11:53
The Planet Pete+1 Great guide. I just finished a session hosted by someone following this guide.
Posted by The Planet Pete on 20 Oct 13 at 21:02