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Complete 5 objectives at one go in Levels 16, 17 & 18.

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12 Apr 2011 30 Aug 2011
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For this you have to complete all objectives in each level. Thats collecting all balloons, the star, not dying, the ring of fire and finishing on time. Not losing a life will be your biggest problem.

know each level and keep practicing them until you know the best route to take to get everything on time, dont worry about dying just concentrate on the other objectives until you can finish in time with minimal deaths.

When your comfortable with the level layout, play the 4th bonus level and collect the secret item to the left of the map, finish the level. You will now have 9 protections, giving you 9 mistakes before losing a life. If you use up your protections just replay the bonus stage for a new set and start again.

To unlock the bonus level you just have to rank up, cant remember what rank you get it at, I was rank Awesome when I finished, second last rank. To rank up you'll have to finish off some of the objectives in levels that you may have missed, balloons, stars, not dying etc. I had all objectives except some of the bonus level ones

The 4th bonus stage will appear before the 18th level and the secret item is a picture of a dragon, it can be a pain to get at first but after a few tries it should be no problem

Good luck
jacky roosteri was able to unlock the 4th bonus stage with 10 stars remaining till i got to the top rank. I found level 17 to be the hardest by far. thanks for the solution
Posted by jacky rooster on 02 Sep 11 at 03:10
BARTEK 0077i dont have problems with live i have problems with time.give me pls some tips or sth to get the lvls through with the shortest time pls
Posted by BARTEK 0077 on 01 Nov 11 at 20:30
JuicyjamsLevel 17 is an ass kicker, made it once and missed by 1 second, now I keep missing by nine. I also only have 7 protections... I guess I should go back and try to get some more so I can be a little less careful but a lot faster.
Posted by Juicyjams on 21 Nov 13 at 03:10