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Participate in 500 game sessions.

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13 Apr 2011 23 Sep 2014
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***UPDATE: As of Aug 11th, 2011, EA has shutdown the servers for this game. This achievement, as well as all other multiplayer achievements, are now unobtainable.***

This could be the last online achv you go for, as all the sessions you play will count towards this one or you can mix it up. It's up to you,

I plowed through this one while I was sleeping and/or at work. Yes, it might not be exactly the fastest method, but who really cares since you're not doing a damn thing. Think of it as... time management. wink

The only requirement is a turbo controller. (i.e., Hori EX2)

Do a quick search for a ranked match, doesn't matter whether it's CTF or Conquest. The more players in the match, the quicker they will go. Once in the match, turbo the 'cn_A' button on the lowest setting. It's the only button you need to use for team selection, kit selection and most importantly, spawning.

Recommended, but not necessary: Every few hours or so, you might want to check the player count. If it's low, back out and find a new match with more players. It'll just speed up the process.

I got all of these achvs within the first 2 days and never touched the controller once.
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatTeamThe Team achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat worth 8 pointsComplete 5 major victories.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatAllianceThe Alliance achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat worth 41 pointsComplete 20 major victories.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatPracticedThe Practiced achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat worth 10 pointsParticipate in 50 game sessions.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatSeasonedThe Seasoned achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat worth 65 pointsParticipate in 200 game sessions.

You can view your 'session count' progress, under the stats page at the main multiplayer menu or even during a match by pressing 'cn_start' and then selecting 'View Stats / Personal Stats'.

500 sessions was a breeze.
Darth Maul FTSDo u need to rubberband the sticks together to prevent from going idle?
Posted by Darth Maul FTS on 14 Jul 11 at 17:36
AC1DGro0ve 3o3No, just turbo 'A' button. You will not go idle and you will not get kicked.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 14 Jul 11 at 18:25
InsaneFlameIs there anyway for the host to kick people? I have just ordered a turbo pad to try and get these achievements. I wrote this game off for achievements years ago but figured with the servers closing i should make a last effort at the online ones. Does it just pop into a new game if one ends or what?>
Posted by InsaneFlame on 14 Jul 11 at 19:14
AC1DGro0ve 3o3You cannot be removed from a ranked match. As long as you turbo 'A' you will not be kicked either. The server records each session/match you participate in, once it has ended. After each match, the 'A' button is used to select team, then your kit, and finally to spawn. So, it's pretty straight forward. Just turbo 'A' and you'll be fine. After your 500th match, the achievement will unlocked, upon entering the next match. Good Luck!!
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 14 Jul 11 at 20:26
MonkeyCMonkyDoI've always found these sort of guides to getting achievements to be pathetic, maybe that is just me.... they are called 'achievements' for a reason, but hey, if buying a 'turbo' controller and leaving your console on all the time is a sense of achievement to you then good for you : ) and I'm glad I'm not you ; )

And who cares if you screw your other people over in a team game when they are left a player down, as long as you get your sense of achievement huh?
Posted by MonkeyCMonkyDo on 15 Jul 11 at 01:40
AC1DGro0ve 3o3I guess you could see it that way, but hey.... to play a match doesn't take skill, just time. Maybe a certain few would rather spend their time better served working on other achievements. Especially, if the rest of the MP achievements have already been obtained... ?
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 15 Jul 11 at 02:32
MonkeyCMonkyDoIf they want to spend time on other achievements, then that is what they should do, nothing wrong with them going and earning legitimate achievements, it is their choice if they don't want to earn this achievement.

People who have this achievement should be the ones who have played in 500 game sessions, not people who got a controller to mess up games for other people 500 times. If you don't want to work at an achievement, then don't, but then you shouldn't receive the reward for completing it.

Another reason it is selfish is that I did work at my achievement, if anyone saw it, they won't think 'Hey that guy earned that achievement', they will think 'pffft, probably one of those losers who glitched it.'

So thanks for essentially taking my hard earned achievement away from me and being someone who encourages others to ruin my online team based gaming experiences.

Feel free to carry on defending your corner on this one, I think trying to defend your case on why glitching achievements is ok is even more pathetic than glitching the achievement in the first place.
Posted by MonkeyCMonkyDo on 15 Jul 11 at 04:26
AC1DGro0ve 3o3...don't worry man. It'll be ok.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 15 Jul 11 at 04:46
MonkeyCMonkyDoMature response, well done.
Posted by MonkeyCMonkyDo on 15 Jul 11 at 15:18
BegFourMercyMonkyCMonkeyDo. We are not the ones turning off the servers. So, any method you get it now if ok in my book. By the way, are you really serious about people actually playing this game? Why do you think they are shutting down the servers? No one plays it. You should move on. Or do you think that the 20 idling players do not move because they are scared of you? I bet you are one of the guys who does not capture the flags so you can spawn camp the idlers.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 15 Jul 11 at 16:21
TrueKilla360Heres the Deal.. as of yesterday evening I had 27 games played.. Gives me a month to play 473 games.. Between 54 hour work weeks.. Sleep.. and a GF that i must give attention to it kinda limits the amount of time I got to play 473...

I love this guide.,. It gave me an option to get this achievement instead of not getting it at all.. so My character has been playing now for 16hours strait.. I have slept and now im currently at work..
ANd there are alot of idle people in my room...

If you got this Achievment in 2006-07 Congrads.. you put the time in and earned the achievement.. its now 2011 and theres a month left to do it... So my Xbox is earning the achievement for me.. It does not take away from what you accomplished Monky!!
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 15 Jul 11 at 16:46
Mr RodsterI'm not sure I would call another person "pathetic" as I troll guides for achievements I popped four years ago. I might also avoid calling attention to one's maturity after I have written a snarky, childish comment like "and I'm glad I'm not you". I would probably be afraid that that would make me look a little silly...
Posted by Mr Rodster on 15 Jul 11 at 17:38
InsaneFlameAC1DGro0ve 3o3 thanks for the response.
Posted by InsaneFlame on 16 Jul 11 at 11:56
I havent played in a while, but can't you vote to kick someone? Wouldn't you run the risk of getting booted for doing shit all?

Also MonkyCMonkeyDo, you're a twat. This method is NOT glitching/cheating, it's just the ability to do it while your away from the console. Are you that surprised that people are doing it the fastest way possible since the game will be unfinishable within a month?

Just shut up.
Posted on 19 Jul 11 at 23:29
AC1DGro0ve 3o3I don't believe you can be kicked in a ranked match.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 20 Jul 11 at 12:56
TrueKilla360^^ Yes you can.. If enough votes come against you... but everygame I played it seemed 1 team was always idle lol
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 21 Jul 11 at 13:03
AC1DGro0ve 3o3hahaha...sitting ducks!
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 21 Jul 11 at 13:12
MISSION H0TR0Dand if i dont hav a turbo controller what can i do please help
Posted by MISSION H0TR0D on 26 Jul 11 at 10:13
AC1DGro0ve 3o3Then you are stuck doing 1vs1 clan matches. It is the fastest way. See Solution for Veteran in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 26 Jul 11 at 12:35
Not sure why people look up the solution for achievements they obtained nearly 6 years ago...
Posted on 30 Jul 11 at 22:09
zX KiNGxKoNG XzIf this solution isn't dead yet, in your opinion whats faster, conquest or CTF?
Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 02 Aug 11 at 07:12
AC1DGro0ve 3o3imo,... CTF.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 02 Aug 11 at 12:23
matdanIts dead and I didn't see the point in turboing I felt proud using 1 day and night to get this.
Posted by matdan on 16 Aug 11 at 23:59
TsubakiCalamityThis sucks hard. I wish I can make it in time, but I only got up to 200 plays due to not many TA players playing this. I always hate it when developers decided to shut down the servers and never give people a chance to acquire these. cry
Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 03 Sep 11 at 00:02
GMNI got it playing legit tsubaki , caned this pretty much For two weeks when server closures were announced . I'm sure you've been on my fl at some point
Posted by GMN on 17 Feb 13 at 18:27