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Medal of Citation

Achieve 100 player kills in ranked matches

Medal of Citation0
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FireWolf 75FireWolf 75311,259
15 Apr 2011
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Can be done quite easily all you need is 2 gamers wanting this. Just keep trading kills until one person gets it then repeat for the other person. It will take a while but if you have someone to boost this game with it should only take about 2 hours max for both of you to get it. Also this goes toward the the 500 multiplay kills. (the 2 hours is based on how fast you can kill each other its also helpful to boost for other ranked achievements while you are getting these kills)
HerrKätzchenOr 20Minutes each; Small Team/CTF on Firestorm..
Posted by HerrKätzchen on 18 Jul 14 at 00:48