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Complete all quests in Repugia.

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Quest List and Mini-guide

1 - Viva Repugia! - Gained by walking past the Grubbin behind the 'Revolution' Stall - Visit 20 Houses
2 - Hook, Line & Freethinker - You gain this quest by talking to the grubbin leader, who is in the 'Secret Cave' just east of where you are pushed off the cliff. - Talk to the grubbins in town to find the 3 materials.
3 - Grubbin Lovin' - Given to you by the grubbin guard, near the Monster gate, on the east side of town - Talk to the elder (Who is just north of the bridge) about getting through the gate. Then go rescue his ladyfriend who is in the hotel, to get to her, you need to use the zip line that is next to the gate that you got this quest originally.
To get her to follow you, you need to use the Fries Costume from the original game.
4 - Tome of the Trowbogs - This mission is to get the next gate open, The tomb is found west, right next to the gate.
5 - The Case of the Missing Yeti - This is to open the third gate (Crestwailers gate) you need to find out where the yeti has gone. You will eventually run into a crestwailer, who will give you the costume for the Yeti, you need to simply exit the cave, head south a little so you are at the ledge and it will show a little cutscene, after that, return to the leader, who is eastwards.
6 - Save The Escapees - You can gain this quest by talking to any of the hiding kids, use my guide for help on their locations. The earliest kid is just south of the first bridge, within the maze area. 6 kids to find in total.

Hidden Kid Locations
1 - Truman - Found just south of the first bridge, within the little maze type fenced area. Hiding behind some plants.
2 - Shawn - Found east of the Statue of Araxia in the town, he is hiding behind some scaffolding type tower.
3 - Raha - South of the Trowbog who wants the Cuttin' Candy Card.
4 - Kat - Found in the eastern most part of the 3rd area, having opened the second gate.
5 - Teddy - Found in the cave on the way to find the Yeti.
6 - Maximus - Just south of the Repugian Guard who gives you the quest 'Repugia Collect 'em All'

7 - Bobbing for Eyeballs - Beat the 3 tiers of the Bobbing for Eyeballs minigame.
8 - This Card is Ultra Rare - Gain an extra Cuttin Candy Creepy Treat Card. I found a spare for the quest within the house east of the quest giver, with the blue and white balloons outside.
9 - Repugia Collect 'em All - Gain an extra card, (I already had the card so i don't know what is required, sorry.)
WeerwolffMake sure you get all the side quests done before you do the end-boss...otherwise you will need to do it again to get this unlocked....
Posted by Weerwolff on 08 Jul 11 at 17:49
ZM3Here to confirm what Weerwolff said...I missed a kid before entering the final area (last three houses) and can't go back
Posted by ZM3 on 11 Jun 12 at 04:31
KillerBEA 91No you can I just spent 10 minutes looking and I found the way back
Posted by KillerBEA 91 on 04 Sep 12 at 00:20