Lost Planet 2 Review by StarSnapshot

15 Apr 2011
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*Sixth review*

It's been awhile guys, but this time, the subject is the *Impossible* Lost Planet 2. Capcoms baby devil in disguise, this achievement list will send the most hardened hunters away crying.


The story behind Lost Planet 2 can be considered seriously non-sensical if you view the different episodes as seperate.
Once you crack the code and realise that all the episodes are occuring on simultaneous timelines between the factions, it makes alot more sense.
So, - Pay attention. Otherwise, this story isn't for you.

Unique components:

There's hardly anything unique about Lost Planet 2. The only thing that stands out as seperate is the way the game is built FOR Co-op, yet can still be done by one player.
Weapon variations are fairly standard, with the some extra interesting items. A powerful rocket launcher with an unpredictable arc, a confetti shotgun and fireworks grenades just to name a few.
Certain missions, Such as Episode 5 and subsequent chapters, are unique in their execution. It also requires alot of co-op assitance for the Good Job awards.
Which leads us to the final unique component, GJ awards. They often require teamwork, or special skill, and are entirely pointless. 'Nuff said.


Brilliant. Slight slowdowns when the game is overloading 4 people, but the game is so smooth most of the time it doesn't feel like your online at all. Every single area contains multiple paths through, and areas that contain weapons perfect for the chapter, you just have to find them.
When you playthrough once, you'll find the game good.
When you've played it twice, you'll think the game is thought out well.
When you've played it as much as me, you'll find the game has so much consideration put into it.
Weapons do there respective jobs perfectly, and enemies have enough variation in them to make section of the game feel fresh.
Players can drop in, drop out per area, and the areas are just the right length to make it work.


There are six episodes in LP2. Then, those episodes are broken down into chapters, generally 4-6 chapters per episode. Then, each Chapter have generally 2-3 areas to complete per Chapter.
As mentioned above, each area is the perfect length for Co-op drop in & out. The game is relatively long, although you'll clock many more hours than just campaign completion if you go for achievements.
Every episode is a direct contrast to the previous once, and some of the missions are downright crazy. (Gun-toting train, anyone?)
It can get frustrating the amount of areas where a rocket launcher can send you into a death pit, but, it's not that bad if you have a good team watching your back.

Difficulty Settings:

The difficulty in LP2 is best described as tempremental. I played it on normal, and it was incredibly easy. I played it on easy, and it was the same. I then played on easy with a friend, and it was much more difficult. Then, us same two people played hard, and it was easier than normal!
Overall, it isn't difficult once your squad gets the hang of it, and the AI is actually useful.

Learning Curves:

In LP2, the learning curve isn't steep, as much as bumpy. Each time you change to a new weapon, you have to adjust to it's properties. E.G, Shotgun I goes from being a large mag, high rate of fire and strong, to Shotgun II, which has 2 bullets per clip, a chance to paralyze, and is a much closer ranged gun.
The difficulties don't vary much, although the game is very unforgiving in killing you. VS's will stun you with large clips while the infantry burn your health down, unless you can get your harmonizer going. Which incidentally cannot be activated while being shot.


They don't really exist in this game, but I have to put the ? Boxes here. Collect these, as they give you credits to gain new stuff from the slot machine and occasionally just give you stuff directly.
Also, T-ENG counts as a collectible, make sure you pick up any if this you see! T-ENG gets alot rarer on the higher difficulties, so you might as well get used to picking it up.


Given the large quantity of explosions and just stuff in general going on on-screen, i'd say the graphics are damn impressive. A steady frame-rate of 60 FPS unless some MASSIVE explosion happens.
The art style is nice to look at as well. Characters have alot of variation, thanks to character parts.


The audio in this game does it's job, nothing more. Music fits the bill, but doesn't invoke anything. Weapons sound nice, Vagabundo can get annoying.


This is one hell of a game. The achievement list is for crazy people, or for people who believe they can reach the #1 on a leaderboard. (I challenge all you UK people to beat my time on Advanced training 4-3!)
It has great replay value and is very addicting, despite how simple it is when you think about it.
Posted by redlink13 on 16 Apr 11 at 14:04