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True Identity

Use the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance.

True Identity0
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07 Oct 2008
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If you have an XBOX LIVE Vision Camera, simply hook it up to your 360 and head to the character editor in game (outfitting).

If you have already made a character you will need to reset them and start again. Head to the face section and there should be an option to upload your own photo.

Follow the steps for taking a picture of the front and side of your head and then you should get the achievement after a few minutes of it rendering.
PHARREAL87is this possible to get using the kinect?
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 30 Mar 11 at 22:14
x2iGood question... I am not sure but if I find out I'll let you know
Posted by x2i on 30 Mar 11 at 22:22
PhoenixZX2No you have to use the Vision Cam, I tried with the Kinect and a Logitech web cam and no luck
Posted by PhoenixZX2 on 06 Sep 11 at 07:43
The Elven JediHow do 30% of the players have this vision cam?!?! Was this product really popular at one point? Is it just really inexpensive? Or did that many people seriously go out and "rent" it just for this one achievement?... And why would 25% of the players of this game go out and buy this if they're not going to be getting 100% completion anyway?...

PM me if you have any theories!
Posted by The Elven Jedi on 17 Feb 12 at 06:16
AbaddonPR@the Elven Jedi
I got mines used at GameStop.
Posted by AbaddonPR on 06 Sep 20 at 02:28