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Jack of all Trades

Multiplayer: Win a match of every game mode

Jack of all Trades0
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19 Apr 2011 23 Apr 2011
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This achievement is unlocked by winning one game in the 6 different game types the game offers (team instant action, instant action, crashsite, capture the relay, assault and extraction).
The last gametype is unlocked on lvl 22 but you can also join a friends lobby if you are on a lower lvl and want to get the achievement.

Note: you just have to win the normal game variant and not the special ones (eg.: hardcore and classic) for the achievement to unlock

if you want to know which gametypes you have already won a game in it can easily be checked by watching the agency file
Kr8zyKamikazedoes the note also include recruit?
Posted by Kr8zyKamikaze on 23 Apr 11 at 08:58
Gamer186no the recruit gametype is also not required as far as i know
just win one game in every of the six different game types
Posted by Gamer186 on 23 Apr 11 at 17:25
Kr8zyKamikazeactually I meant does winning on recruit count? But it doesnt matter now anyways, I won it again on normal yay!
Posted by Kr8zyKamikaze on 25 Apr 11 at 07:37
Gamer186oh ok my english is not the best you know but good that you commented the solution (was my first guide and hoped it still was helpful) ;)
Posted by Gamer186 on 25 Apr 11 at 09:33