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After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before

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Crimson CrunchCrimson Crunch287,313
21 Apr 2011
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Here a way to get this achievment Easily.
1.Complete coop with someone.
2.You and your coop partner create a new xbox live account each / use a 48 hour trial on 2 seperate accounts.
3.You play the tutorial with the other persons 2nd account.
4.They switch back to normal account and you switch to second account.
5.You then do the tutorial again, opposite of 3.
6. You both should have the achievment with normal accounts which did 1.

Make sure that you are Friends with the other accounts when you do the tutorial with them,Or you will not get the achievment.
JoKeRs ObLiViOni need help gettin this, i have an extra account that hasnt played before so i can get it for you as well.
Posted by JoKeRs ObLiViOn on 21 Apr 11 at 18:35
JoKeRs ObLiViOni need help gettin this, i have an extra account that hasnt played before so i can get it for you as well.
Posted by JoKeRs ObLiViOn on 21 Apr 11 at 18:39
Catching ZZZsWhen you sign up with a new account, do you still get a month of gold for free? This may also help for this achievement if you don't have a trial card. I am going to try this tonight or tomorrow.
Posted by Catching ZZZs on 26 Apr 11 at 16:57
ASic777You no longer get a free month of gold.
Posted by ASic777 on 26 Apr 11 at 22:06
Almighty AllahThis is how I did it. If you have a bunch of games then you should have some of those 48 Hour gold membership trials lying around which you can use for this. Me and my buddy just used those with some account we already had and we got the achievement.
Posted by Almighty Allah on 27 Apr 11 at 08:48
Catching ZZZsI got the achievement last night! I was still able to get a month of xbox live for free, so I just made a new account and ba-dink!
Posted by Catching ZZZs on 27 Apr 11 at 13:33
danpsfxI did this by creating a new account, and it did get a free month, i didn't have to use 48 hour trials.
Posted by danpsfx on 28 Apr 11 at 18:30
Gen Fire DragonIf you and your friend live close together you can save yourself a trial card by playing through the first run split-screen or system link (with one of you using a non-Live account). Then the you go through again with both your main accounts (this will get one player this achievement while setting up player 2 by getting them to complete it). This way you only need 1 dummy account to get the achievement for the second player. The trade off is that you do have to run the co-op campaign twice (but that's not too bad in my opinion).
Posted by Gen Fire Dragon on 12 May 11 at 21:23
Th3Freak55Can you get this by playing with the new account locally or does it have to be online?
Posted by Th3Freak55 on 13 May 11 at 04:43
Catching ZZZsHas to be done online.
Posted by Catching ZZZs on 27 May 11 at 14:20
EweStickyCowIf anyone is going to go for this tonight and can get an account with free month trial, I can do it with you. I hired the game and it is due back tomorrow with only this achievement and the hugs to go! RAGE! I'll be on for the next few hours so message me if you can help please!
Posted by EweStickyCow on 06 Jun 11 at 09:21
OnzaDoes finishing co-op, for the FIRST time, on split-screen count? Then, after that, can you try to find an on-line player? Thanks
Posted by Onza on 22 Jun 11 at 16:36
Crimson CrunchYou can do split screen thats what i did =)
Posted by Crimson Crunch on 22 Jun 11 at 18:06

I don't have the game yet (it's in the mail), but I plan to offer my services, finish, then hopefully get the achievement myself.
Posted by Onza on 24 Jun 11 at 14:33