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Eagle's Dive

Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights.

Eagle's Dive0
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Niall Mc 96Niall Mc 9679,917
21 Apr 2011 10 Nov 2014
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go to the masyaf training area and select COUNTER- KILLS. Dont select combo kills because if you do then every time you get 3 combos you will have to select to play again, but if you select counter kills its possible to get 50 combos a lot quicker.
: select counter and do combos instead
AlphaTwo00Yup, works faster. Thanks.
Posted by AlphaTwo00 on 13 Jan 12 at 23:03
Niall Mc 96no bother
Posted by Niall Mc 96 on 06 Nov 12 at 15:54
Keger1O1huh, good thing I scolled down lol thanks thumbs up
Posted by Keger1O1 on 07 Feb 13 at 17:21
iJake BCFC 1992Thank you
Posted by iJake BCFC 1992 on 03 Jul 13 at 16:37
Seeker74Lots faster. It may be a good idea to do Combo once just so you know what animation to look for. Mine was Altair knocking the guy down with his fist.
Posted by Seeker74 on 03 Jun 15 at 22:28
SFBCHIEF117Como seleciona o Contador ?
Posted by SFBCHIEF117 on 20 Mar 20 at 21:51