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CLARION 85CLARION 852,496,426
22 Apr 2011 18 Oct 2016
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-Just go in infinite mode on normal and DO NOT touch the screen the whole time.
-Let your ship killing of the enemies.
-When the Game is over, just do the same, go in infinite mode on normal rinse and repeat.
-Do this 30- 45 min, it can varius......

.... and then the Game starts with only 1 or 2 enemies fly to you and after this the Game is empty no more enemy spawn you flight alone with your ship in the space.
Let it 3 hours flighing and your Achievement unlocked.

Make sure no one rings you up, or something else. I dont know what happend then.
G3n3ralG3n0c1dEI can confirm this works!

It takes awhile, I was doubtful and went back to hiding in the corner for a bit so cannot report accurate time/retries...but as long as you DO NOT move your ship and repeatedly retry, you will eventually encounter clear skies!

I have my phone plugged in and should have the ach in about 80 minutes. Thanks CLARION 85 and GsE Corrado!
Posted by G3n3ralG3n0c1dE on 24 Apr 11 at 01:54
YAT0Worked a treat thanks!!
Posted by YAT0 on 15 May 11 at 15:31
SD Ranger JohnYou're my hero.
Posted by SD Ranger John on 20 May 11 at 04:33
Dynamite AndyThis is probably the only possible way to get this achievement... I noticed that when I was doing it with the enemies.. the game was continuously lagging..
Posted by Dynamite Andy on 20 May 11 at 09:14
Chicago AJLagging or quitting out on you? I bought the game yesterday and every 20-30 minutes the games quits on me and brings me to the phone's homescreen when there's a lot going on on the screen. I have all but this achievement so I'm hoping that since there's no enemies I'll be able to get a 3 hour stretch where the phones doesn't quit on me because there's no enemies.
Posted by Chicago AJ on 20 May 11 at 14:22
SPECTREONTook me 16 games and just under 30 minutes to do this. Got clear skies on the 17th game. Cool trick/glitch... wish I had seen this 3 hours ago, I had just unlocked this achievement when I read this... DOH!
Posted by SPECTREON on 25 May 11 at 15:28
NGDSounds a pretty good solution, it seems this could also happen during normal play (I already had this no more ennemy mode while playing "normally" but I was not looking at this achievement, unfortunately)
Posted by NGD on 26 May 11 at 12:19
neeker75Also note that the 40+ minutes taken to wait for clear skies do count towards the 3 hour, so you'll be flying in clear skies for much lesser time.
Posted by neeker75 on 31 May 11 at 10:07
MelthrisWorked like a charm ! I've played for hours and hours before with no luck. Seems after playing 3 hours straight in one playthrough gave me the achievement. Thanks again :)
Posted by Melthris on 13 Jun 11 at 11:38
Tomjehno idea how you figured this out but worked a treat, thx :D
Posted by Tomjeh on 05 Jul 11 at 18:23
ButtonBashThis worked absolutely perfect! In between preparing little things for dinner, just hit the inifinite, normal option and let it go again until it was eventually clear skies and left it go from there. Just had WiFi on so I could check up on and sure enough, it eventually came through. Actually did the hyperactive while I was at it and managed that too. Cheers!
Posted by ButtonBash on 10 Aug 11 at 11:20
RazzazzikaI kept getting texts while trying to do it, but I finally managed it. I got the clear skies thing to work. Now to let it sit for two and a half hours. Hope no one tries to get a hold of me.
Posted by Razzazzika on 01 Sep 11 at 18:24
WorhammerStill works, Nov. 1st 2011. Phone running Mango. Text messages don't interrupt it, but phone calls probably will since they take up the whole screen. Luckily, it's 1AM so I shouldn't get any calls.
Posted by Worhammer on 31 Oct 11 at 04:58
Delta748It still works as of 22 Jan 2012. I was observing the game, and I found out that at each retry, the ship at the 4th wave gradually moved to the right, until it was completely off-screen. This is what caused my game to no longer spawn enemies. It might be different for other people.
Posted by Delta748 on 22 Jan 12 at 13:17
FireRaiser1985Great guide! Still works as of 31 May 2012 (Nokia Lumia 800 WP7.5 Mango).
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 30 May 12 at 22:32
SirXjestercan confirm still works (Lumia 800 WP7.8)
Posted by SirXjester on 31 Aug 12 at 21:23
Patriot65108This totally worked. Once enemies disappered after about 30 mins of dying, I left the game on and plugged the phone into the charger. I did it at night when no one would call and then watched a movie a few shows. Popped like a charm!
Posted by Patriot65108 on 16 Dec 12 at 07:12
UnsungGhostLike Delta748 said, the 4th ship keeps moving to the right. I cannot confirm this, but it may be much quicker to move your ship and intentionally die on the 4th wave. Every time you die he moves over more.
Posted by UnsungGhost on 15 Jan 13 at 17:00
GREGO McGEEdid you honestly write the "word" - nowones - Jesus.
Posted by GREGO McGEE on 24 Jan 13 at 08:42
Jezza69Still works!
Posted by Jezza69 on 03 Jul 16 at 10:53
PirS92Following your solution i got the achievement 5 mins. Ago, but it seems i had to let it run much more than 3 hours but does not matter anymore, thanks man!
Posted by PirS92 on 24 Jan 18 at 05:04