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Pimp Killer

Kill the Pimp in Protect Tha Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.

Pimp Killer+5.0
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"Pimp Killer" 20G

Protect tha Pimp or "PTP" remains the most played game mode, as players who still play this game, who are mostly veterans, play this game type more than "Blinged Out Ride" or "Big Ass Chains" or "Team Big Ass Chains" basically meaning if you are going for this legit, you WILL have trouble, as the players who play today will team kill, even you! right off the bat as soon as they get the chance, making this very difficult by yourself.

The objective of this game mode is to Assassinate the Pimp (if your team are the hitmen) before the Pimp escapes to a certain destination or before the timer runs out. The game is split into 5 rounds, and 2 rounds for each team, if the game is tied it will carry onto the 5th and final round. Now, as I have stated before, mostly everyone who still plays team kills, so you have a couple of choices if doing this legit..

-Kill your team mates before they kill you (giving you a greater chance of Assassinating the Pimp instead of one of your team mates)
-Stay behind and let your team members get killed by the other players as they will also kill the other team members, and there is a high chance of their Pimp sticking back to not get killed, if you are lucky the only players remaining will be you and the Pimp on the other team, now, be VERY cautious, most players who are veterans while as the pimp WILL use glitches to their advantage making it a pain for you, if they are glitching, they will teleport around the map getting to you and killing you when you don't even know they are around, you can even get pimp slapped when they are not even close to you, so when you see the pimp near, make sure to keep a great distance, MY suggestion to you is that you either -A tap with the AK-47 (rapidly tapping the Right Trigger and the A button simultaneously while clicking the left joy stick making your character bounce, what this does is it makes the bullets do more damage killing them much quicker) or you can "Switch kill" what this means is you have the "T3K Urban" which is the SMG and the "Tombstone" which is the shotgun and you hold the Right Trigger fire button, while getting their health down to about half way keep holding the Right Trigger and hit down on the left joystick while pressing the B button at the same time WHILE STILL holding the Right Trigger, if successful, you will quickly switch to the Tombstone shotgun while firing the SMG, and since you are holding the right trigger the shotgun will fire immediately which should finish them off, this IS the QUICKEST way to get kills in this game if you can master this technique properly, even faster than AK-47 A tapping. If you are good enough, you probably would end up killing the pimp, netting you 1 pimp kill. Congratulations, 49 more left to go.

Create or join a "Pimp Killer" boosting session, or simply organize one with your friends, now, the ideal amount of players you want is 5vs5, do NOT do 6vs6, because for some reason if you do 6vs6 it usually doesn't pair you up against the other team, so do 5vs5. Decide who the 2 party hosts are going to be, the party hosts will invite 4 players on each side, (make sure the party host has the game mode set to "RANKED MATCH" and "PROTECT THA PIMP"
now, communication is key here...the 2 party hosts should cooperate with eachother and tell eachother when every player is in their lobby and ready, when both parties are ready the party leaders should tell eachother to search at the SAME time, if done correctly, you should be at the matchmaking screen, if you see 10 filled spaces out of 12 then the two parties should be paired up with eachother let the match lock in and let the game start (if you end up getting 2 random players in the game don't worry, when the match begins each team should kill their random as quickly as possible) now, if both parties are successfully in the same game then decide who is going to be getting the kill first and take turns, rinse and repeat.
*some quick notes and tips*
-if you are not paired up with eachother in match making for ex. party leader of party 1 says he has 5 out of 12 on the match making screen, and party 2 leader says he has more than 5, then get the party with more than 5 to back out to Pre-Game lobby, (make sure all party members reconnect (they will automatically)) then research again until you are paired with eachother
-Each party leader should tell eachother how many out of 12 is on their match making screen, ENSURE that you have 10/12
-If you have 11/12 in matchmaking don't worry, it should boot the random and start the match.
-When sprinting in the game (right bumper), do not hold it, simply tap it to run longer.

I did this in 2 sessions, netting 17 pimp kills the first session, and the rest in another session. On the second session it was 2vs2 (I know we got very lucky and had to deal with ALOT of randoms but we are experienced players and dealt with the randoms easily. We had to constantly back out of matchmaking to ensure that it was 4/12 players in match making.

I wish you good luck going for this Achievement either Legit or Boosting, either way it's a tough Achievement and requires alot of dedication. Stick with it. Worth the time, trust me.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the solution, or about Protect Tha Pimp, feel free to message me and I will get back to you shortly.
Perasnovitch Very good solution.
Posted by Perasnovitch on 12 May 11 at 07:09
LSDintensity Thanks, hope it has helped you.
Posted by LSDintensity on 12 May 11 at 13:49
Holy Murderer5 This is much easier solo i found and i just tested and i think you can quit out after you get the kill but dont hold me to that
Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 31 Jul 11 at 20:19
LAFTA How is it easier solo, when everybody just TKs straight away?
Posted by LAFTA on 22 Aug 11 at 08:33
LSDintensity Boosting and getting the parties setup and matched together is a pain, therefor solo may be easier for some.
Posted by LSDintensity on 22 Aug 11 at 08:40
Flopsy86 This game type is still incredibly popular online to this day. It amazes me how many people still play this, this game mode sucks! Popped this achievement today and I'm relieved.

Mainly found this game type to be at its quietest on Sunday mornings.
Posted by Flopsy86 on 30 Oct 11 at 10:11
OnTheSeshhLad best done with 4 people
Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 18 Nov 11 at 22:49
OnTheSeshhLad just got this. best done with 4 people at 12:00 noon GMT London time. i got 22 pimp kills in a 2 hour session
Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 06 Jan 12 at 22:54
LSDintensity @runningman40, congrats, that is pretty lucky.
Posted by LSDintensity on 07 Jan 12 at 04:23
Quantum Binman *WARNING* There are trolls actively searching for sessions on TA (some even have "True achievements, lol" in their profile etc!

I got around this by setting up sessions 2 weeks in advance, then creating a dummy session (EG: For dead rising 2, Alien Hominid HD etc.) and sending everyone in session a message to join that before closing.

Since then we have never had a single random - one guy ("Impdaddyzer0") even got THIRTY FOUR PIMP KILLS in a single 3 hour session!
Posted by Quantum Binman on 28 Nov 12 at 13:53
Impdaddyzer0 True story. It was crazy. QB, how many people popped the achievement that session? 4? 5? I certainly wasn't the only one. Between everyone, there was at least 100 Pimp Kills. No bullshit. It also helps greatly to have 1 or 2 people running interference, basically locking as many "randoms" as possible into matches with them, instead of with those still trying to get Pimp Kills. It works remarkably well, especially with 2 people running interference. Just finished helping out in a session with 5v5 and two runners. All ten people got between 10 and 15 Pimp Kills in 4 hours or so. That's a lot of Pimp Kills. Just saying... :)
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 09 Jan 13 at 12:09
Exultraviolence Boosting sessions now ongoing (both official and non-official). Send me a Friend Request.
Posted by Exultraviolence on 14 Apr 13 at 14:09
Exultraviolence Achievement didn't pop at 50 Ranked Pimp Kills; nor at 51, not yet at 52, still not yet at 53. One each additional Pimp Kill in subsequent matches following the match I got my 50th Pimp Kill.
Any ideas?
Posted by Exultraviolence on 19 Apr 13 at 13:02
Evenger Ostro Same here. I have around 55-60 pimp kills at the moment but didn't get any achievement yet. Is this known to unlock whenever it feels like doing so? I also had to win like 15 ranked matches in a row to get the achievement for 10 wins ...
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 24 Apr 13 at 07:10
Evenger Ostro Should read the forums before commenting :D seems this game has some serious counting issues
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 24 Apr 13 at 07:21
Impdaddyzer0 I guess I was just the lucky one, but all of my achievements popped at the correct times...
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 01 May 13 at 14:25
Metalhead CEO I remember doing this with Impdaddy early on, but unfortunately I was not in the legend-waitforit......dary! Legendary session he spoke about earlier in which interference was run and pimp kills were enjoyed by all. I wish I was, but no here I am over a year later still SMFH at this goddamn chievo. I think I have like 15 or something hahaha. Anybody wanna journey through this shit with me? I do need to clean this game up
Posted by Metalhead CEO on 08 Mar 14 at 03:49
Living Legends I got mine at fifty. Also, double boxing this at six am pst with another member doh me boxing got me this achievement in about three hours and we had a few random to deal with. The beauty of it was having my dummy account t start them on a match then quitting so we could get ours going with no problem.
Posted by Living Legends on 28 Dec 14 at 23:07
keoskey Is 8/22/17 and the servers for protect the pump seem dead Sat in-game for a good half hour with no luck finding anyone. Seems like a good time to start boosting
Posted by keoskey on 22 Aug 17 at 14:37