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Reach level 50 in online battle.

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If you have a dummy account you can use one of three equally painful strategies:
1) Team elimination:
a. Hosting with dummy account: create a team elimination match (unlike with standard elim, dummy will spawn in roughly same location after each kill), 2 teams, 10 min limit, rifle, training facility, and loadout #1.... battle guage varies as below (i)
b. Wait 3 seconds after launch to search with your main account with above settings under custom match
c. Once main account spawns, turn to left and grapple yourself onto platform; run/grapple your way forward (parallel to map wall on left) until you come to the tower
d. Activate the tower
e. Run forward again, grapple yourself across to red platform, and then run straight off the ledge – you wont fall
f. Lower yourself a bit and kill the dummy account
g. Raise yourself back to ledge and then run towards the second tower (it should be to your left after having raised yourself)
h. Just before reaching the tower, lower yourself a bit and kill the dummy again; raise yourself, activate the tower, and then resume killing
i. Battle gauge setting of 2500 takes about 2.5-2.75 minutes and nets you 3174 points (1160-1260 points per minute, usually closer to 1220); guage setting of 5000 takes about 3.5-3.75 mins and nets you 4497 points (1200-1240 ppm); guage setting of 7500 takes about 4.75 min and nets you 5820 (1225 ppm); guage setting of 10000 takes about 6 min and nets you 7143 (1190 ppm)
j. When you take into consideration the inherent loading times and the period needed to set up each match, the guage settings of 5000 and 7500 pan out better
k. Each tower is worth 250 points, it adds 10 seconds to your time for the first one, and given the delay in spawning it adds no time for the second tower

2) Post Grab (borrowed from Kol Kavs)
a. I would still advise using Training facility and layout #1 as the two towers are each near a spawn location
b. When trading captures, dont actually capture the post with your dummy, just ensure that your primary account “loses” the post – this will save some time
c. You can either keep trading the post at the five minute warning, start killing your dummy, or kill your dumy and then hop down to activate the last 2 posts
d. In 27-30 minutes i could net 16-23000; the variation occurred because i would invariably fall asleep or stop paying attention and capture the post with my dummy – either way the ppm was lower than options 1 or 3
e. If you have 2-4 live players, this method is the best way to collect points

3) Fugitive Suicides
a. Set up a fugitive map with your dummy as the host (essentially any setting will do so long as your custom and create are the same)
b. Once your dummy spawns, have him commit suicide twice
c. This method usually takes just over 45 seconds (unless get thos shitty electric grenades) and nets you 1460 points (1920-1950 ppm)
d. Biggest drawback is that the ppm decreases greatly as it requires much more frequent match creation/loading and in the long run approaches the ppm of method 1
e. I would use this one as a pace-breaker, or in the VERY unlikely scenario that you’re near level 50 without your 100 games played
WorhammerJust to improve your solution, here's some info on the fugative suicides:
Map: Doesn't matter
Default Weapons: Rockets (Only need these for when you spawn with plasma grenades. All other 'nades will kill you in 1 shot)
Person getting XP hosts the match. Other player suicides while host caps posts.

I had my online progress reset at level 42 (urgh) so I had to start over from 0, so this is why I have this info. I did the online master (last achievement I needed) in 1 sitting. It took me exactly 6 hrs and 121 matches, at about 3 minutes a match including loading times. I double boxed it, which is why I was able to do it all in 1 sitting. This is definitely the fastest method double boxing, since you don't have to take turns with anyone and it's the highest XP rating per minute.
Posted by Worhammer on 20 Oct 11 at 03:33
JMJimmyFor method #1) rather than jumping all over trying to get posts it's better to just spawn camp. It's just over 6600 points and the last kill is a second or two after the 5 minute mark.
Posted by JMJimmy on 07 Mar 12 at 04:10
JMJimmyoh and a 10k battle guage
Posted by JMJimmy on 07 Mar 12 at 04:12