Shaun White Skateboarding Review by funkydunkleman

25 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2011
10 2 7
Very similar visually to the Tony Hawk games. That's about where the similarities end. Poor controls, bland landscapes, and annoying loading times make this game a chore. There are some interesting concepts introduced, but any joy you have doesn't last long since the controls will bring it to a halt.

Much better made than SW Snowboarding, but that isn't saying much. If you really can't stand playing another Tony Hawk title, this is a different experience. You're not required to learn a whole new system like Skate, but it doesn't take long for this game to get on your bad side. I recommend a rental if anything.

As far as achievements go, I played this game for a total of about 16 hours, and managed to get 675. I got all but two single player achievements. I tried to get the online ones, but no one was on. It's not too hard to get at least half, but if you're going for 1000, you're going to need a lot of patience, time, and a boosting partner.

I really wanted this game to be something. It looked like a fresh approach to skateboarding, since the Tony Hawk series has been milked to every last drop. However it just has too many flaws to be a title that has any lasting fun.

It's like a car that's awesome to drive, gets great mileage, nice paint job, it just happens to occasionally accelerate without warning and the airbags sometimes randomly go off.
x InSoMniA oYou can get the full 1000 in 10-15 hours, theres a guide for the collectibles and as long as you have a boosting partner, the online achievements only take around half an hour...

The full 1000 was easy IMO, I'd say 3/10, god knows why this has a TA score of 1900+
Posted by x InSoMniA o on 26 Apr 11 at 10:41
funkydunklemanIt's not that easy. There are 65 challenges to get gold on. There are a few real pains there. The concrete cylinders and skate blockers aren't tough, but the stickers can be a headache. I'm also saying this from the perspective of a renter, as I had this through Gamefly. I'm sure if I owned this I'd try more, but time is money.

Also, I think the high TA score is due to many people just saying f**k it when they realize how frustrating the game can be.
Posted by funkydunkleman on 26 Apr 11 at 17:27
CASS190684Hmm been tossing up whether or not to get this one... I have all the Skate series and found those controls to be near useless. So was thinking maybe this would be better, but then I read your review and you mention the controls being poor. Is it a simular control system to the Tony Hawk games? Are the buttons your tricks? Also the achievements worry me - not liking the online ones :( Anyways good review, thanks!
Posted by CASS190684 on 06 Aug 11 at 22:43
funkydunklemanIf you have any experience with Tony Hawk, then you should be good from the start. It's just that TH games seem to have that polish on them that makes them play easier and smoother. This one could have used more time in the oven. But if you're really itching to play another skateboarding game, then go for it.
Posted by funkydunkleman on 07 Aug 11 at 18:11
Hanshi McDu do not need to get 65 gold medals in challenges,must get and least bronze and gold on all SHAUN WHITE challenges..
Posted by Hanshi McD on 09 Nov 11 at 18:03
TheNutman69321You're both wrong about the challenges achievement. You don't need to gold them all or play them all. You must get at least bronze in 35 of them which is barely over half of them.
Posted by TheNutman69321 on 28 Apr 12 at 20:29
TheEvolutioniztI just 100 % this game. I must admit i liked it.

Its not the best but its not that bad.
Posted by TheEvolutionizt on 03 Oct 17 at 17:19