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My Kung Fu Is Stronger

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My Kung Fu Is Stronger-2.3
10 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.Time Consuming - These achievements require at least 20 hours of play time to obtain.
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For Victories and Fatalities, go to options and set it to 1 round. Plug in a second controller and play 2 player versus. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 044-440 for sans power. With 1 punch it goes to FINISH HIM, making the 100 victories and finishers go by way fast. The biggest pain is having to input the code every match. Find the easiest fatality/stage fate/babality to do to make life simpler.

For X-Rays, go to options and set the rounds to 3. This time play 2 player tag match. At the loading screen input the following kombat kode 466-466 for unlimited super meter. This allows you to get 6-8 X-Rays per round, 18-24 per match. You'll have 150 in no time. Again having to input the code every match is a pain, but that's why you do 3 rounds instead of 2, so you have to do it less often.

For the 24 hours of play time, go to practice -> tag team practice. Choose 2 characters and leave your console on while you go to sleep/work/out. *Be sure your controller is wired or is connected via a charging device. If the controller turns off, practice mode will go to the pause menu and not count the time.

The 10,000 pints of blood spilled will be acquired as you work toward mastering the other statistical aspects.

Hope this helps! Have fun! (ha)
ALT DeadlyHoly .... CRAP. This isn't even worth doing, I run the risk of red ringing my xbox, and I'll be doing waaaaay too much work for one lousy achievement.
Posted by ALT Deadly On 01 May 11 at 20:57
perceptron3000lol, this is a hot candidate for the "most time consuming achievement" of the year and it's the reason why only a few people will ever complete MK with a 1000 GS.
Posted by perceptron3000 On 02 May 11 at 11:15
AndreFlash83Does anybody knows how long can u let your xbox turned on before red ringing or is it impossible to say???
Posted by AndreFlash83 On 02 May 11 at 11:18
To add to this solution if you have a 2nd Box and the data is saved to save not to profile you can leave a copy of your profile on one box getting hours played while still playing online on another box.

How you do this is put your save and profile on 2nd box. Then recover your profile onto a Flash drive on 2nd box. Now you have a copy that can not sign into live.

Move good copy of profile to 1st box and play other games and get achievements in whatever other game you want all while you crap account is getting hours played.

I have done this for the past 6 days and after I get 22 hours I fullfill the rest of the requirements for the mastery which take 2 hours or less depending on you.
Posted on 03 May 11 at 00:22
PerasnovitchIts not THAT bad.

Its 336 hours. I usually keep my xbox open for 6-12 hours in a day and never had any red ring. + With a new Xbox Slim, way less chance of overheating. First of all, you just have to install the game on your harddrive, like that your xbox is using less energy, then less heat.

Boost 6 hours per day; its 112 days. Approx 4 months.

I've played so many games in the Halo series. Around 15K Halo 2, 6K Halo 3 and less than a K in Reach but whatever, point is, 336 hours isn't THAT Bad. If we couldn't do the Tag team, then 672 hours would have been eternity to work on.

I don't even plan on getting it in 4 months, but by the end of 2011, I guess I will have it.
Posted by Perasnovitch On 03 May 11 at 06:46
I have almost all the characters done except for time........and I have 9 totally mastered since launch of the game which is on pace to do it in less than 2 months.
Posted on 06 May 11 at 00:07
Kyuubi Alphathis is a good guide. would have to agree very time consuming but well worth the TA score when i finally get it by the end of the year
Posted by Kyuubi Alpha On 07 May 11 at 21:10
AndreFlash83Yes very good guide i just did a little variation of this to gain some time, i just finished to masterise all the stats today unless the 24 hours of each char that probably i'll finish next week i have 2 xbox and i play 4 days with one then i just change to the other to prevent the 3rls and i'm almost there one of the longest achievements of the games.
Posted by AndreFlash83 On 07 May 11 at 21:55
ClaytThaGreat@TheIrishBeast - it most certainly does. reread the guide as you must have done something wrong (as in not used a wired controller). either you don't follow instructions or you just wanted reason to give it a negative vote...
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 23 May 11 at 01:26
Pukey UKVery odd.. but I left my game in tag team practice with a wire controller, and with the analogue stick taped to the left... when i woke up this morning and looked at the time (after about 8 hours) ... it hadn't gone up at all..

WTF :/
Posted by Pukey UK On 23 May 11 at 10:16
ClaytThaGreathmm. interesting. i don't tape my stick or anything... just leave it idle. did it last night with ermac and jade, woke up today and had an additional 11 hours on their time and 2 more fighters mastered! I don't know what you guys are doing wrong, but it's something..
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 23 May 11 at 15:42
Ridley PrimeYeah. I'm still doing my posted solution (since I don't have a wired controller) and it's still workin' like a charm for me. Woke up today with Quan Chi and Liu Kang nearly mastered, so I don't think it's a problem with the game...
Posted by Ridley Prime On 23 May 11 at 20:23
ClaytThaGreatno.... there is no problem with my solution at all... just returned to me xbox and jax & johnny cage just went from roughly 4 hours to over 9 hours... haters will hate... or rebos will be retarded. (from main menu -> Training -> Tag Team Practice -> 2 selected characters vs. 2 opponents whose time will not count because they are NPC's). What is so hard about it? Works for me and apparently 22 other people as well....
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 24 May 11 at 04:26
Ridley PrimeWhoa, whoa! I wasn't meaning to say anything was wrong with your solution, unless that comment was directed toward someone else. If I kinda implied there was something wrong with it (which I guess I might have with the way I worded it), then I apologize, as that wasn't the intention. I was merely backing up you by saying the whole tag team training thing still worked for me, and that there was something wrong with the way those who could not get it to work were doing it. I'm no hater..
Posted by Ridley Prime On 24 May 11 at 07:08
ClaytThaGreatno, no Ridley, I was directing my comment more toward TheIrishBeast, who seems to think my guide is a joke because he doesn't understand how duration-time boosting is done. Pukey UK seems to have done it correctly previously, but is having troubles now (for what reason, I cannot imagine). Like I said, I don't bother taping my stick because it is unnecessary. I use a wireless controller and plug it into my console with a charging cable and ensure that the light on the cable is either red (currently charging) or green (fully charged) so that I know that the controller is connected directly with the console and my controller will not shut off due to being idle. There really is no other way to enter practice aside from going from the main single player menu into training, from there you go to tag practice. I don't see how people are having issues, as again I have been boosting all of last night and tonight and am recording time successfully with multiple characters. If this guide doesn't help you Irish, you cannot be helped... perhaps you are just upset because you know you will never be able to win 10 ranked matches in a row :(
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 24 May 11 at 07:26
I am Gozer24I'm curious Clay if maybe he is misreading the total time info. The first number is days, the second number is hours, the last number is minutes. I left my XBox on all night and woke up and checked and was like woah what the heck 7 min 56 secs? Then I said ahhhh wait 7 HOURS 56 Minutes that made me feel better lol.
Posted by I am Gozer24 On 31 May 11 at 09:18
ClaytThaGreatyeah. another possibility is he has 2 controllers plugged in and goes to training -> tag practice with the controller that isn't signed into his primary profile. in that case, it wouldn't count any time.
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 31 May 11 at 22:19
T IR E L O NGreat guide.

But I'd just like to point out one thing. I've found that if you do any fatality other than the standard 2 fatalities for each character, they don't count in the Master statistics.
Posted by T IR E L O N On 12 Jun 11 at 14:38
ClaytThaGreat@trelon: in the early character masteries i was doing, stage fatalities worked. not sure about babalities... but it's been a while so idk if NRS changed that (although i don't see why they would).
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 13 Jun 11 at 05:32
I am Gozer24Oh Clay I do have a minor edit if you like. You can actually do 13 Xrays in one match. I think you forgot that you can FINISH HIM! with an Xray attack as well making it 5 in the final round for 13 total. Not a big deal just thought it was worth mentioning.
Posted by I am Gozer24 On 18 Jun 11 at 12:56
Kr8zyKamikazeI think if you just quit out after leaving it, it doesn't save, as this is what I did because I was in a hurry, and didn't wanna just leave it for the whole day after leaving it on all night as well. Not 100% sure what makes it save, so just play a match of online or tower, or something that earns koins, that seems to do the trick, hope this helps.
Posted by Kr8zyKamikaze On 28 Jun 11 at 07:10
Wanderer128Anyone know if you have to max stats out for Kenshi and the other DLC warriors as well if you get the DLC?
Posted by Wanderer128 On 02 Jul 11 at 06:16
ClaytThaGreatdespite promising dlc/shipped character equality, NRS/Boon have not added DLC spots in the Nekropolis nor any additional achievements, so no. they really don't record their "stats."
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 02 Jul 11 at 06:41
SanadaI would much rather they don't include their stats at all than run the risk of having to master more characters. laugh But thanks for the tips, I'm just finishing x-rays with all characters now and I'm praying that the fatalities go by a bit faster.
Posted by Sanada On 04 Jul 11 at 03:36
Wanderer128Oh hell no, Fatalaties do not go faster lol...I knocked out X-Rays fast, and now I'm slowly working through the fatalaties.
X-Rays in 3 rounds(tag) can total 18 for some characters, 21 in total, and 24 for some characters. (assuming your are putting in combat codes).

I wish if you were in tag and did a fatalaty with one character, that it would count for both your characters. That would make life easy.
Posted by Wanderer128 On 05 Jul 11 at 20:10
SanadaAgreed. I dread fatalities...too annoying to keep track of. Calling shenanigans on blood spilled btw. Im averaging around 7.5k after fatalaties / x rays with a few wxceptions. Rather annoying to go back and do.
Posted by Sanada On 08 Jul 11 at 05:56
ClaytThaGreatYeah blood spilled doesn't always add up depending on the character you're using. What I did was during fatality boosting, I'd change over to tag (for 3 rounds) when my fate's were in the late 80's or 90's and start spamming whatever move or combos shed the most blood and then fatality at the end for the remaining pints I needed.
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 08 Jul 11 at 07:13
snorlax789What's the best way to boost Johnny Cage's X-Ray, since it's a counter attack?
Posted by snorlax789 On 11 Oct 11 at 14:40
SquareMan 01Snorlax: When you launch Cage's xray just punch/kick him with the 2nd controller to start the counter attack.
Posted by SquareMan 01 On 16 Oct 11 at 20:12
YemethJust a word of warning for the time achievement. Once you are going to exit the tag team practice, make sure you do not just choose main menu, and then dashboard/turn off your console. You MUST do something in the menus for it to store your time that you just achieved. Go visit the nekropolis for example, and check the time registered. If you just quit the game and leave without choosing a mode or something like the nekropolis, it will not register the time you spent once you load up the game next time.

I learned this the hard way by wasting a 12 hour session with Sindel/Ermac by just quiting to main menu and turning off the console. :(
Posted by Yemeth On 07 Nov 11 at 10:59
CTDMUDRUNNERgood luck to all and just to comment on flash83 comment ive left my console on for 2 months straight with never having a problem and done that a few times now
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER On 09 Jan 12 at 03:47
Waterloo319There are 198 people who have completed this game as of 2/15/12, I have done everything except this and have been working on it. I have done over half of everyones x-rays, all the 24 hours and feel like I still have so much more I need. This achievement SUCKS! But if I ever finish it I will be part of the Occupy Kombat movement because we are the 1%...
Posted by Waterloo319 On 15 Feb 12 at 18:17
RaiderhornI WOULD LIKE TO ADD TO ALL HUNTERS FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT: The shortest timed fatality is the Subway Stage fatality, taking 12 seconds, and stage fatalities also give more pints for blood spilled milestone. Happy Hunting!
Posted by Raiderhorn On 09 Jun 12 at 02:19
btw...dont play 3 rounds for X-Rays. "you will get X-rays in no time". maybe. but if you play 5 matches with 3 rounds you can only get 5 fatalities. so it is better to play matches with 1 round. this way you have less loading screens and you have to enter codes less often.
Posted on 29 Sep 12 at 17:26
RhyoliticSomething to consider re: the pints of blood. A normal human holds around 10 pints of blood. They would have to completely exsanguinate 1000 opponents each for that. That would be 27000 kills minimum, but I don't think they are making us do that many. laugh
Posted by Rhyolitic On 20 Oct 12 at 08:08
SnelleSjonnieThe solution is good but needs additional info on blood spilling. For some characters, you don't automatically get enough blood spilled once all X-rays and fatalities are done!!! Characters I am having problems with (at least 2000 pints left to do): ermac, jax, johnnycage, kabal, mileena. Probably more below, not there yet.
Please add info on best way to complete missing blood, based on for instance this:
Posted by SnelleSjonnie On 08 Mar 13 at 15:38
ClaytThaGreatit's been a long time since I've looked at this guide, but visited it just now for some reason. every character has attacks that visibly draw a substantial amount of blood. in RE: to the above post, mileena and kabal -- use their blades; jax i believe has a grab and punch attack that if i recall is relatively successfull (or just standard jabs will prob do); with cage, his orbs dont do much of anything so prob just stick to jabs; ermac also very similar as he specializes in thrown "non-violent" projectiles and would be likely be best boosted with punches/kicks. I believe (though am not positive) that gory fatalities also contribute pints.
Posted by ClaytThaGreat On 30 May 13 at 07:19
count023There should be a note on this guide that says DLC characters are not included, only unlockable + base ones.
Posted by count023 On 23 Jun 13 at 12:35
esc1Just a word.. BACK UP YOUR GAME SAVE FROM TIME TO TIME. Copy it to a usb drive. This is one of my most favorite games and I was probably half way done with this without boosting it. Almost a million in koins.. and my game save got corrupted and lost some how.
Posted by esc1 On 17 Jul 13 at 14:59
Snatch Snake@ esc1 were u doing offline with one xbox and then online with the other what were ur methods while going for this achievement? cause you might have quit out to early or something for that to happen
Posted by Snatch Snake On 26 Aug 13 at 23:07
Crispy385I voted negatively on here. This is just a very inefficient way of doing this.
Posted by Crispy385 On 11 Feb 15 at 23:12
Clutch RinoHas anyone else had problems with their times not keeping track? I left my Xbox on for 6 hours and when I checked it later on the times never increased fort characters. This happened 2 before when I was working on the other characters
Posted by Clutch Rino On 14 Jun 15 at 05:16
oo Storm86 ooI was having the same problem with my time not counting. When you exit your practice match, go into the krypt before turning off your console. My time has counted evertime I have done that.
Posted by oo Storm86 oo On 04 Mar 17 at 19:22
SeñorMarstónThis is just one of the stupidest achievement I have ever seen in a game 😂 I love Mortal Kombat since I was a little kid and I love MK9, one of my all time favorite fighting games, but this achievement is just none sense; like the seriously 3.0 in Gears of War 3
Posted by SeñorMarstón On 09 Oct 22 at 10:27
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