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Get a total of 500 kills in Team or Solo matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room

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08 Oct 2008
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Really straight forward, just get 500 kills online. It doesn't take that long.

If you are just starting out, watch where other people go and how they lean etc. to learn all the tricks.

I personally preferred sniping which means i also got the 100 sniper kills on the way to doing this.

You can check the status of your achievements on the main menu in multiplayer.
Tm5kAnyone know if kills of A.I. Support characters in the Team Battle game mode count toward this?
Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 19:30
Tm5kI'd recommend finding a good spot to go prone with a marksman or an automatic rifleman class. I can never seem to kill people well when I'm trying to run 'n gun like they do. Also, if you think someone's going to be around a corner, start shooting a bit before you go around the corner.
Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 19:32
Tm5kJust played a few 4v4 Team Battle matches and can verify that kills of A.I. Support DOES NOT COUNT toward this achievement. I had 27, 21 and 12 kills in each of the three matches and only went from 385 to 400 kills out of 500 for the achievement, so only kills of other human players or their guests count toward this achievement.
Posted by Tm5k on 31 May 10 at 20:17