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Bull's eye (Quick mission)

Finish a mission with a 100% accuracy statistic

Bull's eye (Quick mission)+0.2
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08 Oct 2008 21 May 2013
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The second mission is the best for this as you have the countersnipe rifle and there is only about 10-15 enemies. Just take your time and pick them off from a distance.

Remember and scout with the UAV beforehand so that the targets are outlined in red
Tha dumb g00seDon't see why this would get a negative vote...
Posted by Tha dumb g00se on 16 Mar 11 at 04:21
LausDominiIf you've reached a checkpoint but then miss a shot, let yourself be killed to start again from the checkpoint with accuracy intact.
Posted by LausDomini on 31 Dec 11 at 15:41
SilentJay76Don't know if there's anything to this, but I thought I'd mention it: This only unlocked for me when I had 100% "head shots." It failed to unlock in three previous attempts where I had 100%.
Posted by SilentJay76 on 12 May 13 at 20:51
The1WhoNeverWasI just did it with only 1 headshot and it still popped
Posted by The1WhoNeverWas on 22 Sep 13 at 22:39
Rex FarquharPopped on my 3rd attempt.
Posted by Rex Farquhar on 24 May 14 at 12:52
oHIGHxINxAxBOXo1st time I follow this guide i got it.. great job..txs
Posted by oHIGHxINxAxBOXo on 28 Feb 16 at 06:11
alpaca777Headshots only? Ok
Posted by alpaca777 on 21 Nov 20 at 18:45