Dash of Destruction Review by The Saxton Hale

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04 May 2011
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The graphics in Dash of Destruction are really not that good. Especially for a December 2008 release, It would have been nice to see more effort put in to not only make it an above average game graphic wise but try to make it look good for 2009. Objects look nice however, The game is very colourful. However they are not top of the notch graphics. But the graphics are good for what the game strives to be. A blatant Doritos advertisement.



There is nothing really amazing about the sound in Dash of Destruction, the grunts of the Dinosaurs are alright and the screaming of innocent people driving Doritos delivery trucks is satisfying every time you eat one. The sounds of you stomping on buildings as the T-Rex is nice but it's basically generic but then again, I doubt they were trying to make the sounds in this game as realistic as possible when making it. The boost sound when used as the Doritos delivery truck gives a cartoony feel which is nice considering that the game is looking for a cartoony type of style. The sound is not amazing but it's alright at best.



The gameplay is quick and thoughtless. Like Eat 2 Doritos delivery trucks, Eat 4 Doritos delivery trucks, the only added challenge is either Delivering more bags of Doritos against more AI Doritos delivery trucks and Eating more Doritos delivery trucks against AI T-Rex's. There isn't much variety and the arenas really all feel the same. However, you feel like a great sense of power smashing whatever is in your path as the T-Rex. Besides that though the game gets and feels repetitive really quick.



The multiplayer is basically unneeded in this game. Although it is a nice gesture to try to extend it's replay ability by adding in multiplayer, But it's Local only and unless you genuinely like this game I really can't see anyone playing Multiplayer except for the one achievement. Beside if you did subject anyone you like to play Multiplayer with you, Maybe you're not such a good friend after all.



Achievements is really the only good thing about Dash of Destruction. Considering you can easily get all 12 of the Achievement easily in less then an hour, provided you have an extra controller handy. The achievements are quick and easy to obtain which is a good thing considering that if the achievements were hard to obtain, This game could have possibly been one of the, If not the most hated games in the Xbox 360 library. This is a perfect game to get a quick 200 gamerscore and never play it again.


+ Since it's Free there is really no reason not to download it.
+ Nice and easy achievements.
- Stale and repetitive gameplay with no variety.
? Can we get more "Achievement games" like these?

Final Score
QcK Dagger HeaTThis ant be downloaded currently can it i tryed and it was off the market......:( missed an easy 200......
Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 11 May 11 at 06:42