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Double Up

Score two goals using the Double Score Powerup in one game

Double Up0
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19 May 2011
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This power up was a little more rare (at least for me) during games for some reason. The power up as Crimson said is a green +2 and you force it to drop by tackling people on the other side with B until they drop it.

This power up is a bit trickier than the others because it doesn't enhance your abilities any it's just 2 points for 1 goal, my suggestion would be turn the game to easy and set the number of goals to win as 10.

Once again I suggest Crosby (As much as some of you may hate him) considering he is both fast and has a powerful shot. Once again the common technique is sweeping behind the net and just shooting quick as you come back around the goal. I would suggest putting the opposing goalie as anybody but Luongo as he is a beast.

You need to do this twice for the achievement but it doesn't not have to be with the same player, so if another of your team mates grab the power up may as well give it a shot though defenders don't typically make goals as often.