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Race To Victory

Win a game to at least 15 goals

Race To Victory0
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19 May 2011
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Start up either a singleplayer or multiplayer game to 15 points. If in singleplayer, use 2 controllers if you can to take up a space on the other team and negate any chance of them scoring as your controller will automatically turn in to the puck holder as you play. If you simply turn the difficulty for 15 while going for a few of the different power up achievements you should have this easily.

If you are doing this with a friend with 3 controllers it's just that much easier as all you need to do is really knock over the goalie and score 15 times. If not just tackle your friend as he becomes the puck holder, get an easy power up and score on the goalie. Chances are this will be one of your first achievements along with a couple power ups from the game if you are persistent Remember each one is only 2 goals and sometimes you can have a super shot and ice at the same time etc so you could knock out the majority of them fairly quickly.