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20 Cousins

Find 20 Cousins.

20 Cousins0
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29 Jun 2009
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Credit goes to The Pants Party on for this guide on the cousin locations.

JMJimmyA correction to the guide above
"Cousin Huey - In a corner of the room there is a ramp with a ruler on top of it. He's at the end of the ruler."

I spent ages trying to balance on the rulers in the corner to find out it wasn't Huey there.

It should read

"Cousin Huey - In the middle of the main room there's a table with vegetables on it. Half way down the ramp leading to the floor (with 2 tomatoes & 3 socks) there is a ruler heading out one edge. Huey is balancing on one leg at the end of the ruler."

Posted by JMJimmy on 26 Jul 10 at 23:06