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Get a Quad Kill in the Training Missions

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Sir StratsavvySir Stratsavvy173,527
25 May 2011
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the other solution requires the enemies all to be very close together which can take some luck. My way requires slightly less amounts of luck lol. The easiest way I've found to get it is to use a singularity bomb late in one of the annihilation training missions. If need be, a suicide mission (charging at the enemies and releasing the bomb seconds before death in the middle of multiple foes(when u die the bomb automatically goes off)) will not negate the achievement. I discovered alot of times the AI actually drove TOWARDS the black hole and to their ultimate doom! You should find plenty of opportunities to get this achievement so its not one you should need to try for over and over. Just in the course of getting all gold stars i got at least 4 quad kills and i have no claim to complete RF:B domination. If you feel there is something that needs to be added to this solution please comment so i can improve it for the betterment of the TA community before u vote negatively. Hope this helps!