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Manual Transmission

Win a race using manual transmission in any game mode.

Manual Transmission0
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09 Oct 2008
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Do the first race on Rookie, easy as pie.

To change your transmission type, go to Options>Profiles>Transmission and just change it to MT.
ns welshX - gear down
A - gear up
Posted by ns welsh on 07 Apr 10 at 00:05
halohoggStart your racing career off right, and drive in manual ALL THE TIME. You will quickly get the hang of it, and won't even have to think about gearing up and down - it will become automatic. It WILL however be an enormous help for racing fast in all the later difficulties and getting faster times. A skill that will be infinitely transferable to all your later racing games,

You can also adjust the controls in the options to a more standard layout:
X - gear down
B - gear up
A - handbrake
Posted by halohogg on 13 Aug 19 at 17:39