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Win 50 single races.

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28 May 2011
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This is best done after getting 100% in Story Mode.

You have to use single races to get these two achievements -

Crash Time 3: Highway NightsTest DriveThe Test Drive achievement in Crash Time 3: Highway Nights worth 51 pointsTake every car out for a test drive.

Crash Time 3: Highway NightsTrack TesterThe Track Tester achievement in Crash Time 3: Highway Nights worth 50 pointsDrive on every track available in single player mode.

There are more tracks than vehicles, ensure you do a vehicle/track and win at a time until you have both of the above achievements. Then you should only have a few more races to complete. Just run the 4x4 club circuit in a fast car. It's only 2km and takes just over a minute. Obviously change the settings to easy and 1 lap.