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03 Anjou

Awarded for completing the JARDIN DE CHEVALIER mission on Hard

03 Anjou0
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29 May 2011 29 May 2011
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Head, Arms and Core: SALAUX
Legs: 047AN04
FCS: INBLUE (max Lock On speed)
Generator: GAN01-SS-GL
Weapons: Hands: (anything), Back: OGOTO Grenade Launchers, Shoulder EUPHORIA PA Moulder (improves defense).

Capacity: Enough on Load to bring your mech out of Weight Alert (should be 24), EN Output MAX, EN Capacity MAX, Lock Speed MAX. Then the rest can go on Horiz. Thrust or KP Output. Or anything you feel you want.


At the start Anjou will slash the doors. Have your OGOTO's ready and boost through, now you want to boost backwards always away from her, skirt the outer wall of the small room, never stop and try and keep her in view. Shoot her with the OGOTO's. If you have a clear shot, fire them both at the same time. If not then fire them 1-2

If you get into Melee range she will chew you up, she can kill you in 3 hits. Her Mech has fast QuickBoost and she's packing Moonlight Blades. She's quick and you can't fly away like in the Simulator (where she's ridiculously easy).

You'll get the VIRTUE Main Booster and BLUE/XS FCS parts for beating her, as well as 10G.