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White Out

Complete the first Conversion Gel test

White Out0
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This is achieved once you have completed the challenge near the end of Chapter 7 in which you first encounter the Conversion Gel.

EDIT: Thanks to Offscauta for pointing out that the achievement can be missed if you don't complete the level in the correct way. Make sure you use the portals to jump up to the large grilled area down the stairs from the exit to finish the level.
mrspock456Me too
Posted by mrspock456 on 26 Jun 11 at 04:31
DeSoto23Me too.
Posted by DeSoto23 on 02 Jul 11 at 20:07
OffscautaThe achievement can be missed if you don't solve it the "right" way. The first two times I did this level I used portals to jump on to the walkway right by the exit and the achievement didn't pop either time. The third time I used a portal to jump to the grilled area down the ramp from the exit and the achievement popped. It also played a bit more story dialogue. My guess is that Valve didn't realise you could miss out that bit of the level and still get to the exit.
Posted by Offscauta on 11 Aug 11 at 21:47
Iron Man TStarktook me a while to get this - thanks for the information :)
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 18 May 12 at 13:47
NynjahhI have no idea how i got this but all i did was constantly portal whilst in the white gel i havn't even completed the level yet and ive got it. I came here to find out what i did to get it lmao and im still unaware
Posted by Nynjahh on 10 Feb 13 at 18:24
DyssidentIn case you missed it, this achievement can be unlocked through Challenge Mode via the free Peer Review DLC.

Chapter: 7 - The Reunion
Level: 3 - Conversion Intro

Progress through the areas until you come to the room with the square pen in the center, with a bent pipe pouring white gel into the pen. Be sure to solve this puzzle by utilizing the angled panels on the outside floor. When you land on the metal platform across the from angled panels, you will trigger another dialog about lemons and the achievement should unlock.
Posted by Dyssident on 11 Dec 18 at 03:54