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The purist

Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games

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You could play every single game in a season but i would suggest if you are bored of manager mode.. Just play the game but forfit the match. You will be awarded a loss but you will still get the achievement at the end of the season. I would recommend playing and winning a few games if your job security gets below 50% to avoid getting fired. Also use the MLS or Austrailian league as these are shorter than most of the other leagues.
AlonsoFivewow i did mine the long way by playing all the games

Posted by AlonsoFive on 23 Mar 09 at 15:30
ChaddersLFC6Also, in the Australian League, the play-offs are at the end of the season, so if your job security is below 65% you can just win those and it should secure your job until the season is completed.
Posted by ChaddersLFC6 on 28 Mar 09 at 02:55
ShatzaPaloozayeah i played every game also lol. didnt know you could forfeit. it was fun anyways :)
Posted by ShatzaPalooza on 01 Jul 09 at 19:19
TheStrawmanI am positive I played every game in the mls season, but no achievement. I simulated the first season and played the second, did not sim any games second season. No achievement though.
Posted by TheStrawman on 29 Jun 10 at 15:31
spool32I don't remember if I simmed one early on... I hope not!
Posted by spool32 on 04 Oct 10 at 04:06
GammyGreenGiantnot impressed with the idea of forfiting!! but the Australian league is a good tip
Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 22 Jan 11 at 19:20