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Brink achievements


2.8 from 4901 votes

There are a maximum of 43 Brink achievements (36 without DLC) worth 2,369 (1,250)

66,999 tracked gamers have this game, 5,344 have completed it (7.98%)

Wull Scott
389,684 (225,250)
Wull Scott
TA Score for this game: 1,493
Posted on 06 June 11 at 12:23, Edited on 06 June 11 at 13:35
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Ah... Brinky, Brinky, Brink Brink Brink...

Right, let's hit this head-on, shall we?

Brink is set in a post apocalyptic dystopian future on a hi-tech floating island during a civil war where you... *SNORE!*

Sorry, I said "head on" didn't I... Brink is a shoddy copy of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory with worse graphics, no vehicles, a broken parkour element and shoddy generic characters that look like they are from Bo' Selecta.

Brink is a DONKEY of a game - it is a fetid pile of toss. It is by a LONG stretch the worst game I have ever played.

"Strong words" I hear you say. Strong words indeed and words that I feel need justification with such turds as Hour of Victory, Turning Point and numerous others on my played list. My justification is this - I love cheap and cheerful games, the ones that I find in my local game shop and actually have to ask what it is because I've somehow missed the release, like Blood Drive, Warrior: Legends of Troy and the criminally overlooked Singularity. Games that have had very little publicity (if any) where there are some unexpected thrills to be had. Then we have odd games from German/Eastern European developers that are obviously huge in Germany, like Two Worlds, Divinity 2, Risen and Ghost Warrior which have been made very cheaply and they know what they are. They know that they are cheap and average looking and there might be one person out there who loves them - and that's fine. All these types of games I have no beef with.

Now. Here's my point - Brink and it's ilk, the vile over hyped trash that is usually headed up by months of developers diaries and a teaser trailer consisting of a logo, a muffled crash and fade to the name of the game or something... Oh they wind me up. It is the world we live in, the world of hype and marketing, and AGAIN - I accept this. But never before in my gaming life have I ever felt so comprehensively LIED to as with Brink. Being misled by my own expectations is my own fault, but this... this was targeted humiliation.

Let's start at the beginning then, with character creation - it's hard not to get excited by customisation possibilities that will eventually be made available to you. It's only when you realise the implication that ALL THE CLASSES LOOK THE SAME that you get your first sinking feeling. You see, in an objective based game where everyone has a role to fill it is quite important that you are able to identify and prioritise targets, so if you are defending a deliciously hackable terminal, you are going to want to shoot the operative (or spy, or whatever, I actually don't remember) before you waste your ammo on his escort. Sadly, with the customisation options, everyone looks like extreme sports hobos with cranio-facial genetic disorders. The voices are bland, but at least convey a feeling that they are an international bunch. It can be a little bit odd when you play as the Security forces and you accidentally shoot one of your INEPT cockblocking AI team-mates and they shout "DO I LOOK LIKE A FASCIST TO YOU!?". Buzzcut, uniform, boots, rifle... Yes, actually. Yes, you DO look like a fascist...

We may as well discuss the AI as we have briefly touched on it - it is awful. Greatest hits involve one minute being unable to hit you from three feet and fighting as a dispersed gaggle, to suddenly every shot hitting you as they skilfully hold the objective room. This wild inconsistency runs through both teams to the point where I had gone to the toilet, and got waylaid on the way back to find that in my absence my team had won 2 maps. On other occasions, the respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die cycle is so short that you can't help but feel huge amounts of frustration. And woe betide if your AI team-mates pick up an objective that needs to be delivered. That can cost you a match as he steadfastly refuses to move out the room, or insists on getting involved in gun battles rather than running to the objective. It is incredibly frustrating, but not NEARLY as frustrating as the gun play.

Weapons are divided into 3 broad categories... No. Only joking! They are uniformly garbage. Not only do they lack the perceived weight through their animation and controller vibration, but the sound effects are akin to children's toys. Couple this with the fact that they lack the visceral punch in the game and you have a very unsatisfying whole. Examples include 3 headshots with a sniper rifle to take down an enemy and the shotgun that may as well be firing confetti. Muzzle climb and accuracy are awful in this game (as well as damage), so your only real combat tactic is get in close with a rapid fire SMG and holding down the button until you are out of ammo. Oh and good luck with the lucky dip of weapons. They are all basically mixed up in a big generic menu screen with the scantest of information. Sure, you can see stats like damage, stability and what-not, but the game omits basic information like the weapon type and actual rate of fire. It's quite annoying when you discover in your first up close fire fight that the 80% filled bar on the rate of fire stat refers to firing a three-round burst, rather than full auto. Or that new high powered rifle is, in fact a shotgun. It is very shoddy indeed, and that's not even mentioning the tacky feel of the weapon customisation - reflex sights take up too much screen and sniper scope crosshairs are too bloated for accurate work, but then I refer you to my previous statement regarding three headshots to kill. With a SNIPER RIFLE.

Ah-HA! "In Brink, you should be moving more than you are shooting", a loading screen message proclaims. "The guns aren't the point, you fat fool" the game (seems) to cry. Well if that is the case, you really should get a sense of speed as you move through the cluttered environment. Well, you don't. The lies that I mentioned in the previous paragraphs get another mention - I swear that they sped up game play videos, even within the game itself the tutorial videos look far faster than the actual game. It seemed quite promising that there were the three body types to choose from as well, as I thought that maybe the light body type might move like Mirror's Edge or something. It doesn't. In fact, you tend to find with the light body that your character launches himself OVER thinner bits of scenery (like walls) rather than onto, losing you a tactical edge. With his significantly lower health, I had very little use for him. Also, I have to say - S.M.A.R.T? Smart? What would be bloody "smart" would be rather than designing six stupid, confusing cluttered maps and then making a system that allows Smooth Movement Around Rough Terrain, how about you just design better maps? No?

The maps are very poor, it must be said. I have never come across a game so hopelessly skewed towards defenders. It might just be that I am better at defense, I don't know, but I never failed a single defense objective, but on attack... Oh, god. Chokepoints, slow moving easily damaged escort VIPs, hacking that takes an age and AI that flat out refuses to defend you as you repair things as the engineer all conspire to cripple the attacking game. I make plenty of mention of the AI, but not of multiplayer, you might notice. This is due to me getting the game a week after its release, while about a dozen of my friends bought it day one. So appalled were they, that a week later only 2 still had it. My local game shop had to stop taking trade-ins as they had bought in so many (I think their cut off is ten copies). So, I have been left to trawl the underbelly of random matches and blessed lord Krishna, is THAT a lonely place to be... Either that or I'm just unable to join matches. I have managed 2 games and in both, there were only 3 other human players and the rest made up of bots. So... No... No thanks.

My final irritation in this game came on the Shipyard level with a piece of graffiti. A piece of graffiti of a man with a fish saying "WE EAT COD". Now I accept that they probably eat cod. That's fine. However, the implication that they "eat COD" as in they better Call Of Duty in any way is laughable on so many levels. Were the developers so ARROGANT as to compare their new untested product to a far superior well established franchise, or are they so STUPID? I genuinely don't know. For the record, I dislike Black Ops and World at War intensely, but I would play either any day of the week before I even contemplated touching this dreadful pile of muck.

UnShavenM0nkey Terrible review, game is no where near that bad
Posted by UnShavenM0nkey on 07 Jun 11 at 11:22
Wull Scott It is.
Posted by Wull Scott on 07 Jun 11 at 11:43
Marzipan Ninja A very restrained review Mr Scott. Shame that some don't see the subtlety as it is a disgusting example of how publishers and developers a like buy game reviews. The only positive from this piece of fetid shit is that there should be a spike on the Quake Wars servers.
Posted by Marzipan Ninja on 07 Jun 11 at 12:02
Arcate I bought this game with no expectations and I was impressed, but it wassn't that bad.
Posted by Arcate on 02 Jul 11 at 23:46
LGS I Hitman It isn't as bad as you make out in the review and i don't agree with your view.
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 30 Jul 11 at 15:28
Wull Scott Glad you enjoyed it!
Posted by Wull Scott on 31 Jul 11 at 14:42
VIGOR MORTIVORE Great review, got the game 24 hours ago and already letdown and bored out of my fucking mind with this beta garbage.
Posted by VIGOR MORTIVORE on 04 Aug 11 at 20:33
liner bronson Very funny review. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by liner bronson on 05 Aug 11 at 14:17
o8 M4cGyV3r 24 This game is worse that ur review makes it out to be. However I know that my anticipation of the game makes my overall view that much worse. Obviously there are many games worse....Avatar, all CSI games to name a few...the difference being I knew they would be bad. This game tricked me into thinking it would be good. is trash and for people that defend it more power to u. Painting a terd gold doesnt change the fact that its a terd...and this game doesnt even look good. I am now sad after rehashing on the ass puke that Brink was :(
Posted by o8 M4cGyV3r 24 on 06 Sep 11 at 06:02
Hey Retto This review doesn't describe the game Brink at all. The game is not as bad as this review says. As to the comment above, I have no idea what you played.
Posted by Hey Retto on 12 Sep 11 at 02:59
Wull Scott Same game as I did, one would imagine.
Posted by Wull Scott on 15 Sep 11 at 02:29
BERRYLEGEND I have to agree with this review. The AI is horrible and is pretty much all you have to rely on since the online community is dead and friends that had this sold it off quickly. I got this game for free from someone's review copy and even they told me I would be better off just trading it in. This is a bad bad game and all of the hype and developer's comments were misleading as to how this game would be. I love Bethesda, but i doubt I'll get another Splash Damage game.
Posted by BERRYLEGEND on 17 Oct 11 at 16:42
mitchcraft1980 been playing this shit for about 20 mins and had enough, its awful !
Posted by mitchcraft1980 on 21 Oct 11 at 20:50
DrShoe1976 I found this review amusing - hence my comment.

Whilst I do not think it's as bad as you make out, clearly - it ain't great.

Thank-you for your review!
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 29 Nov 11 at 13:58
DRAGON REB0RN x the feeling i get, from playing games like this, and rouge warrior is, that if it isnt oblivion or fallout, bethesda dont give a shit about it. im so fed up of big names spewing out such garbage and hoping it will sell. agree 100% with your review.
Posted by DRAGON REB0RN x on 17 Dec 11 at 22:04
SweetLouDiamond good review. got the game for $10 and feel like someone owes me $5 in change...

i played it for about three days to get through the two main story lines. they were weak. tried going back to get individual achievements, had to put the game down for a month before going back in & putting 7 more hours into it & finally deciding that 'you know, sometimes the achievements just arent worth the annoyance'....
Posted by SweetLouDiamond on 15 Jan 12 at 16:47
Kienamaru I completely disagree with most of this review. However it did make me laugh. Bethesda did lie with trailers, and light body type isnt what people expected. I pre ordered this game and kept it till Skyrim's release. Not bad in my opinion.
Posted by Kienamaru on 25 Apr 12 at 13:59
Wull Scott i feel like I should add now that with patches the game is much better than it was.

Patches is my dog and he plays very well!

But seriously, folks. The game has markedly improved. It's still not really my cup of tea, though...
Posted by Wull Scott on 28 Apr 12 at 00:03
ItsRoflz this game makes me want to eat a bag of shit. just because it would probably make me feel better than playing brink. Brink is the worst game ive played. you spend more time in last stand than up. "they're taking our command post" is constantly heard throughout the game non-stop and there is no campaign. the one feature that helped alittle was the gun customization
Posted by ItsRoflz on 25 Jul 12 at 07:40
Wull Scott Never mind that, the fucking annoying choir of angels music as you lie dying in the utter worst thing. It makes me wish I had pleurisy again, with the threat of them having to punch a pleural tap through my intercostal muscles and into my lung. This was a happier time in my life.
Posted by Wull Scott on 26 Jul 12 at 23:48
South Park TFBW This game is fucking shit in a disc. I hate it so much.Fuck this piece of shit they call a game. +1
Posted by South Park TFBW on 31 Aug 12 at 05:02
Wull Scott You said it better than I ever could, my friend.
Posted by Wull Scott on 01 Sep 12 at 12:35
ItsRoflz after i was done with this game i threw against my wall. it is in its safest form now.... in a bunch of pieces so nobody else can suffer in agony
Posted by ItsRoflz on 08 Sep 12 at 02:19
Leo Ascendent If you want to eat a bag of shit, you have bigger problems.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 22 Sep 12 at 08:41
Wull Scott Why? Is there a bag shortage?
Posted by Wull Scott on 22 Sep 12 at 17:06
FurDazzle +1! hilarious and truthful, thanks for writing what people need to know about this game. I was hyped up crazy as soon as this game was announced.
Posted by FurDazzle on 01 Oct 12 at 17:45
FPSnoob2012 Agree. Played this for two hours and had seen all I needed to see.

Not a good game.
Posted by FPSnoob2012 on 30 Aug 15 at 18:49
FPSnoob2012 Great review, by the way. Eloquently summarizes many of my issues also.
Posted by FPSnoob2012 on 30 Aug 15 at 18:50
ItsRoflz Years later I had to come back and read this as it is still one of my all time favourite reviews. Still the worst game I've played. Seems the review is pretty polarizing as you have received a ton of thumbs up and thumbs down
Posted by ItsRoflz on 22 Feb 17 at 13:52