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Clear a mission in Co-op.

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Br0ken GhostBr0ken Ghost956,948
10 Jun 2011
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If you have no one to play with I recommend Mission 2. I did this alone with a second controller on Poozer difficulty after finishing the game on EK. At level 10 damage taken was minimal, but if you feel one player is more at risk just switch controllers, I found that the bad guys aimed for the player not moving (i.e. the controller sitting on my ottoman while I was playing the other one). Even when navigating through the laser grid in the tunnels it damage taken was practically nothing. An easy 5 minutes of on rails shooting and now you have 20 points and the only multiplayer achievement of the game done.
futilesThe second player can die, it respawns. There is no need to swap players, just play as player one, and player two can die and respawn.

I did this on level 2, with a second controller, no one using it, on Emerald Knight difficulty. Sinestro died and respawned and I got the achievement.
Posted by futiles on 27 Jul 11 at 05:17
Rowdawg88Does this have to be done at the beginning of the level or can you just turn on your 2nd controller near the end of the mission? Basically, when do you actually need to turn on the 2nd controller?
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 30 Jul 13 at 15:08
Mickey BurnsI'm pretty certain you have to have P2 join at the beginning of the level. I attempted to have P2 come in just before mission 3 ended and no dice.

Great solution. I ended up using mission 2, joining P2 at the beginning, and no problem what-so-ever. I did this after maxing out all of my stats, put P2 in the middle of the screen and he never got down to even half of his health.
Posted by Mickey Burns on 07 Sep 13 at 17:05