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Beat 'em down

Kill every enemy in a wave using only the Teleportation in the Ulysses map

Beat 'em down0
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11 Jun 2011 15 Jun 2011
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Not much to this cheeve for the amount of points on offer. Using the Ulysses map, you will clearly see the 2 teleportation devices across from each other, its as easy as leashing or kicking the enemys into the devices and getting the skillshot black hole fun.
Be aware of the electricity above the door if you leash them down from the raised section, other than that its pretty easy, best bet is wave 1 or 4 depending on your level as you get only grunts(higher levels can spawn harder enemies), i also found kicking to be a safer method as mentioned above sometimes while leashing i would accidently get a shocker skillshot, and try not to kick 2 guys in quick succession as sometimes the 2nd guy would fly thru to the other side as the 1st guy gets zapped and it didnt give me the skillshot for the 2nd guy.