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The Real End

Complete the Dark World.

The Real End+0.2
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12 Jun 2011 09 Jul 2011
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The below videos have shown me how to do many levels I was stuck on in the process of attempting this achievement, as well as a few tricks that made some hard levels a joke. It's worth noting that he uses The Kid (unlocked by beating the Warp Zone in 5-7) in many levels, particularly in World 5. While unlocking The Kid is no joke, it makes beating the 85 levels you need to a much easier task. And while the other solution says to try and stick to worlds 1-4, I have found some levels in the later worlds that aren't too bad. ALL credit goes to DurrpyProductions on Youtube:

The Kid Warp Zone:

Level 1: There's really not too much advice I can give other than don't run up until the very last jump.
Level 2: For the set of spikes that are closer together, I found it a bit more efficient to run, but not weave completely to the left or right, just enough to avoid the spike.

World 1:

These levels are pretty straightforward. If you're having trouble on any of these, you should probably get a little better at the game in general before attempting Dark World levels....

World 2:

Once again, these are mostly pretty easy. The only levels I see as bothersome are 2-4X and 2-8X.

World 3:

Pay attention to his run of 3-11X at 3:23.

World 4:

These levels are a lot more difficult than Worlds 1-3.

World 5:

World 6:

6-1X isn't that bad; it's easier than everything in Worlds 4 and 5.

World 7:

I find 7-3X, 7-5X, and 7-15X to be not so bad.