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Magic: The Puzzling

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Magic: The Puzzling0
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15 Jun 2011 15 Jun 2011
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Pretty easy. Assuming you already know the basic flow of the game.

In Campaign, select Rumble in the Jungle. Easy 1 on 1 challenge

You and Garruk have 2 life each.

He only has out a Stomper cub, you have a Runeclaw bear, Barony vampire and a Gloomhunter.

He attacks with Stomper cub. Block that with your Runeclaw bear and your Barony vampire by pressing x to pause the game and select your blockers during his attacking phase. You will take 1 damage and lose those two creatures, but you kill his Stomper cub and that leaves your flying Gloomhunter to hit him for 2 for the win.