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Play through an entire level online

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17 Jun 2011
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If you go the route of joining someone else's game,they don't need to be there for you to gain the achievement. Look for someone in the Cantina, you can start a level by yourself and complete it and the achievement will unlock. The host doesn't have to play with you.

I went this route and ran through the Episode I, Chapter 1 level and got the achievement.

Hope this helps.
kentgremlinhow do you join in someone elses game?
Posted by kentgremlin on 07 Sep 11 at 10:59
iycli@kentgremlin - You start up a multiplayer game then you can search for available games. I believe the system indicates where a host is currently. If you find someone in the Cantina join that session and start a mission on your own.
Posted by iycli on 15 Sep 11 at 05:31
DaMikeSCNote that aa of 5/5/16, people are still playing online. Might be due to the sale, but it is still obtainable.
Posted by DaMikeSC on 06 May 16 at 14:42
Iceberg082006Still works
Posted by Iceberg082006 on 06 Sep 18 at 03:03