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Complete the main quest as well as all side quests.

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20 Jun 2011 15 Aug 2011
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EDIT: 15.08.2011
ZachRobinson has stated that he has followed this guide, and associated comments, and he cannot get the Cheevo to pop. I earnt the Cheev during solo play, over 4 or 5 sessions. I would STRONGLY recommend you avoid ALL on-line co-op for this Cheev (as well as many others), as I hear that the on-line makes the game rather unstable and glitchy. Best of luck!

These are the names of the 28 side-quests in the game you will need to complete in order to earn this achievement;

1 ~ The Widow's Revenge
2 ~ A Prized Possession
3 ~ Hiding Out
4 ~ The Fishing Hole
5 ~ Heroes of Old
6 ~ Gunderic Manor
7 ~ A Wayward Soul
8 ~ Relics of Another Age
9 ~ The Unlucky Merchant
10 ~ A Loss for Words
11 ~ Lost in the Swamp
12 ~ Missionary Work
13 ~ Cryptic Inheritance
14 ~ Stolen Shipments
15 ~ Mediations
16 ~ Cogs and Wheels
17 ~ Hostage Situation
18 ~ Supply Lines
19 ~ Major Malfunction
20 ~ Proof of Sabotage
21 ~ Making an Entrance
22 ~ Untamed Mountain
23 ~ Ibsen's Cave
24 ~ The Prototype
25 ~ Building Bridges
26 ~ All That Glitters
27 ~ Dungeon Siege
28 ~ Uncovering the Past

Firstly, this is not the chronological order in which you will complete - this is how the in-game 'tracker' lists them.

The last quest, 'Dungeon Siege', appears when you enter The Spire. Before heading there, make sure you have completed everything else as it's a one-way ticket.

I didn't have to back-track or anything like that, but a few tips;

'Mediations' - Do this to completition after talking to The Meisters as soon as you can. I've heard elsewhere that if the main quests are advanced before this is completed, the opportunity is lost. This quest involves talking to the imprisoned Krug.

I earnt this in single player, with the AI as my companion - I've heard that it can glitch if other ppl join your game (certain characters not being unlocked).

You can also return to one of the Goblin Meisters to get an additional quest, try to do this before advancing the main story. This could be the main one that ppl miss.

Lastly, I did all of these and just about earnt the 'level 30' achievement, so if you do not do these you may miss out on that as well.

Also, do not panic - this does not pop once you beat the final boss!! You will get this after you see the end cut-scenes and popped for me during the ending I'd earnt.

Good luck!
Janitor DoonThis was pretty helpful, thanks a lot
Posted by Janitor Doon on 24 Jun 11 at 16:42
DrShoe1976My pleasure! Let me know if you need any further advice - I'm on TA most days so will respond as quick as I can...
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 24 Jun 11 at 17:47
Jimmy Two PiesHey man great guide. I only missed one quest which was "Dungeon Siege", where is this quest more specifically?
Posted by Jimmy Two Pies on 27 Jun 11 at 21:19
DrShoe1976Oh man - that's gotta hurt!

So, enter The Spire and head North, you'll go thru some gates and there will be a noticeable crypt-type building, with the door that is locked. To open this door, and thus to enable the quest 'Dungeon Siege', you need to return to where you started, then head West thru more gates.
Thru the 1st set of gates, you will notice a 'trip-plate' (at 10'o'clock) - activate this and return to the crypt - it will now be open and you can complete the last quest, AS WELL as opening up the Cheev for rescuing all Spire prisoners....
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 27 Jun 11 at 23:06
Jimmy Two PiesOkay thanks heaps man, I think I have a save back at this point hopefully can go back and finish the game off with all quests complete. Thanks again
Posted by Jimmy Two Pies on 28 Jun 11 at 05:03
WayensThe reason people may miss the extra goblin quest is if they did the Meister quests after the Glitterdelve quests, the Meisters give the option to move on the Spire immediately. Don't agree. It pays to take your time in this game after all. ;) I refused and *then* saw the quest marker above Mudgutter which opens "Uncovering the Past".
Posted by Wayens on 18 Jul 11 at 17:16
ZachRobins0nFollowed the guide in two different storys and still no achievement i hate this game >:(
Posted by ZachRobins0n on 14 Aug 11 at 20:19
DrakendenActually this achievement popped for my friend in a weird way. He joined my game during the end-boss fight, we killed it, then after end cutscenes, it popped for him, even though i'm the one that completed everything. So i'm guessing the quests done by the host is what counts, and unlocks for everyone.

Had popped for me when i finished it solo earlier, we just reloaded before the final fight for him.
Posted by Drakenden on 18 Nov 11 at 20:26
DrShoe1976Co-op in this game is very glitchy - be warned.
Posted by DrShoe1976 on 18 Nov 11 at 23:47
Macfly77422I checked where i was in the side quests just before entering the spire and unfortunately i missed the Unlucky Merchant quest. So i walked all the way to where the NPC was supposed to be and he weren't there. So that means the Unlucky Merchant side-quest is missable.

Now, please excuse-me as i'll go screaming outside.
Posted by Macfly77422 on 21 Feb 12 at 19:46
@DrShoe1976: rajani told you where to look for the plate *before* you entered the gardens...
Posted on 05 Mar 12 at 21:59
Recon1O1Yeah, thanks anyway Doc. I managed to fail the Making an Entrance quest by progressing the main quests in Glitterdelve. Missed the goblin that gives you Malfunction and Sabotage first time through. Dammit.
Posted by Recon1O1 on 29 Mar 15 at 13:52
l BlackBrian7 lYou can fail the 'Ibsens Cave' quest if you continue the main storyline (following the gemstones) before doing that one.
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 18 Sep 18 at 16:38
MadMikeForeverHey, just as a helpful hint, if anyone is having problems getting the “uncovering the past” side quest, in order to get it to actually show up, you have to talk to ALL the meisters, then Meister Mudgutter Will finally give you the opportunity to get the side quest 👍 hope this helps ppl not miss this! Happy hunting y’all 👍
Posted by MadMikeForever on 06 Aug 19 at 15:51