Army of TWO Review by oneluckybullet

20 Jun 2011
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"Prepare for a new kind of game"

Army of Two has finally released. Question is, was it worth the wait? I say yes, and in the following review I will explain why.

Story: 8/10

The usual Merc for hire, double cross, and betrayal we have all seen done before. Yet somehow I'm actually connected to Samel and Rios ( your characters which you can choose from). From the simple movies in between missions, to the speech they share through the game, whether it is talking about the Dallas game to stories of army troops being ambushed and so on. I really started to get into the guys, and then the game was over. Short and sweet, just like Call of Duty 4.

Controls: 9/10

Very simple and easy to use. Everything is explained in a tutorial level at the start. Whether you're using an elevator or ripping off a car door for a shield, the controls feel right on, except for the aiming. Now granted it's not bad and you can change the speed, it never feels right. It's either to slow or way to fast. But that's the only complaint I have for the controls.

Graphics 9/10

This is a very nice game to play. The environments are very detailed and full of broken down cities to over run army bases. Character models really make Rios and Salem stand out from the other Co Op game ( Kane and Lynch). Whether it is the masks they wear, which you can change, the weapons they have, or the detail in each one of them. I simply love the style of this game. Speaking of weapons, they actually look like their real life counter part, and there are a lot of guns to unlock and purchase throughout the game.

Multi player 10/10

The only thing in my mind that comes close to the multi player in this game is Gears of War, and even then it's a close call on which one is better. The whole story can be played through on co op with a friend either on a split screen or on line with a stranger. Now lets not forget the other modes online, such as bounties. In this game type you and a friend try to outdo another team and kill more targets than them, while collecting the bounties offered on each target. There's also a mode called extraction where you and a friend must help get wounded people out of the battle while trying to protect them from the opposing team. Also, the other team is doing the same thing as you. So it requires a little bit of strategy and a little bit of firepower. The multi player is great, but the co op is what's gonna have you playing this over and over.

In closing, I highly recommend this game and urge all the doubters and nay sayers ( I was one) to go and get this game. You will love this game and be playing for a good long while. EA has already promised downloadable content. So this game can only get better. See you online.