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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.3
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Ok I just have to put this here because it would be tedius to comment to every solution already here.


This is not a solution, but an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT note to remember.

The mission, "Frosting on the Cake", where you drive a limo and then use sticky bombs out of the limo later, WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR STATS PAGE (in the "General" tab). If you skim your stats and see all 80+% or 100%, and you DID NOT unlock your achievement, it's because you need to improve your score for "Frosting on the Cake".

If you look in the "Player" tab, you WILL see the score for "Frosting on the Cake" in there.


I went through two entire playthroughs and over a month of headache and no help from Rockstar support before realizing this.

Good luck getting your Gold Star!
TwinklingPlaysI'm a bit confused here. You just have to hit something with every sticky bomb you throw, right? It also states if you got it or not right after you completed the mission. How in the hell did you miss it?
Posted by TwinklingPlays on 21 Jun 11 at 17:46
Honestly, when I went through the story missions, after a certain point, I stopped caring what I scored during the missions, because I knew I'd be able to go back to them later. I focused more on just getting 100% within the game's completion (drug wars, races, jumps, etc). By the time I finished the game and got my 100% in-game completion, I just started using the "general" tab to look at which missions I needed to nail to grab their 100% score. Since "Frosting on the Cake" wasn't on that list, I completely forgot about the mission!

After doing other missions for hours (cumulative), all the missions really became a blur and I relied heavily on the general tab. I also looked at the "player" tab as well, but I was skimming, looking for mission names that I had seen in the "general" tab already as needing to complete, so I skimmed over "Frosting on the Cake".

My issue with "Frosting on the Cake" was the end, in losing the cops. I got so worked up over the 3 stars I failed to realize how easy it could be to lose the cops at the end, and ended up with 1 minute, 30 second chases at the end, thus the total time and lose cops time was sub-par, leaving me at 74% mission score until today.
Posted on 21 Jun 11 at 18:13
thanks Shadow - I'm half way through BOGT and I think I'm playing the same way you did. I'll keep this in mind and get it the first time round. Your a true scholar and an asset to TA thanks for the time you spent discovering this.
Posted on 23 Jun 11 at 00:49
Anytime, D!
Posted on 23 Jun 11 at 22:11
TwinklingPlaysclassier, the game might have gotten an update added to it since 2011 - ill try and ping OP.
Posted by TwinklingPlays on 16 Aug 19 at 12:25
ClassierPompanoActually he was correct so have now upvoted. OP doesn't even use this site anymore.
Posted by ClassierPompano on 16 Aug 19 at 21:33
TwinklingPlaysHence why I reached out to him elsewhere.
Posted by TwinklingPlays on 17 Aug 19 at 00:41