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Bulletproof Windshield

Kill the drivers of two of the MP vehicles in the Hughes Aircraft gun battle before they pull up.

Bulletproof Windshield0
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Bulletproof Windshield

Huge pain in the ass.

You get this achievement for taking out 2 reinforcement car drivers as they are coming in, before they park. This is after the chase scene where you obtain the "Out of the Frying Pan" achievement.

First step to help would be to download the Chicago Piano DLC, still free as of this posting.

Now I would go to the games control options and turn the Auto Aim to high as this will help negate the recoil while you are aiming at a moving vehicle. Its important that you make the chase in a police vehicle as the Chicago Piano will be in the trunk.

Now all that is set up we start hiding behind the car with 2 guys shooting us and a car pulling in from the left. Now you can't hit this car but there will be 3 others we can make the attempt with, remember we only need 2.

Now get out of cover go to the trunk of the car and press A select the Chicago Piano (it looks like a tommy gun). Stay behind the car you came in on and kill 3 of the guys, now turn left (direction you came from at the end of the chase) and a car will be coming wait until you can see the driver and then zoom in fire away if you are successful you will hear a horn. Now turn back around and run towards the parked truck in the back of the compound another car will come from the left use the same steps from the last car, if you were successful both times the achievement will pop now if not the last car will come from the right so spin around and try again, he comes really fast so make sure you do it as soon as you can.

If all three cars are stopped and you still have no achievement let the left over people kill you and try again. It shouldn't take more than a couple tries using this method. If you or your partner already killed everyone and have to go into the building quit to the menu and reload it will take you back to the apartment that is doused with gasoline.

EDIT: Found this video skip to 5:30 for his method of obtaining this achievement.

As with all my solutions please post a comment if you feel there is something wrong before voting negative.
CAP n C0RNBREADOn the cypher wheel you don't have to keep aligning the wheels once is enough. Nice guide.
Posted by CAP n C0RNBREAD on 22 Jun 11 at 03:03
CAP n C0RNBREADAlso I found you can get it by shooting though the side windows of the cars too.
Posted by CAP n C0RNBREAD on 22 Jun 11 at 03:58
IveABrownThumbyou make the achievement so much harder than you need to,all you do is kill 2-3 of the guys so less guys shoot you from behind then quickly run forward turn left and shoot driver through windscreen then turn behind you and shoot other driver coming from other side through windscreen and then achievement pops.ths achievement should only take seconds to get rather than waiting round.but since you've also added a video which shows this then you get a thumbs up from me mate.
Posted by IveABrownThumb on 22 Jun 11 at 09:47
Wottstar83One thing I would add which made this easier for me was to switch off auto-aiming under the controls panel in the options - particularly if you want to try and get the first car. I found that with auto-aim on just as I would line a shot up ready only for auto aim to flick to another guy and miss the very small window of opportunity to shoot.
Posted by Wottstar83 on 22 Jun 11 at 11:43
Awesome solution mate :) It's definitely best to have auto aim on high. Makes it so much easier when aiming at the drivers! Having it on works fine! Thumbs up from me!
Posted on 22 Jun 11 at 14:21
minus15TNot sure if this is a thing or not, But I am 90% sure I shot the driver from the first car, and the passenger from the second.. maybe someone else can confirm this?
Posted by minus15T on 22 Jun 11 at 17:08
Epoch8731I also recommend if you have it unlocked switching to the hawkshaw outfit. It allows you to take more damage. Letting you focus more on the drivers and less on the other soldiers.
Posted by Epoch8731 on 22 Jun 11 at 21:38
Pa1ppiVery easy with aim assist got it first time i tried with this :)
Posted by Pa1ppi on 10 Jul 11 at 14:02
SGT ImpalerBig thumbs up for an outstanding solution. Your level of detail is perfect. I especially appreciate your adding the bit about how to access the Chicago Piano. I never really knew how to use it!
Posted by SGT Impaler on 11 Jul 11 at 01:46
Solo P3T3RThumbs up. Got it by shooting through the side windows with the tommy gun. I don't know how the dude in the video was able to do it with a pistol.
Posted by Solo P3T3R on 17 Jul 11 at 04:12
Ben ReynoldsIt took me a couple of attempts but brilliant, thanks.
Posted by Ben Reynolds on 17 Jul 11 at 19:28
JonC1971Thank you. Chicago Piano and the AIM Assist on High was the trick. Did it first try with this.
Posted by JonC1971 on 05 Feb 12 at 05:50
Q u 4 lK eWas worried about this one, but did it first try. Definitely shooting the passengers works too. Got that sneaky third car! Great situation.
Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 16 Feb 12 at 06:54
I8ITackyticsI8IBrilliant guide. Had a few troubles with it but worked it out in the end - the only thing is you don't have to shoot the guys at the start, you can just run out!
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 24 Feb 12 at 17:20
iBishBashBosh xMost stupid fucking achievement fucking ever.

Posted by iBishBashBosh x on 20 Jun 12 at 12:28
ZordnilTried this one over and over. Wasnt that hard after i got a better weapon from the trunk of my car. Thanks!
Posted by Zordnil on 28 Jun 12 at 14:22
Star SeraThanks! Chicago piano was really helpful ;)
Posted by Star Sera on 03 Jul 12 at 18:30
Fluxsake89Used the chicago piano, took out 2 of the guys and ran into the yard to get the 2nd car coming from the left of the starting position, then the one coming the opposite way.
Posted by Fluxsake89 on 22 Oct 12 at 23:53
Zen VendettaCould also recommend that they have the Hawkshaw suit equipped. In case they take a few bullets from the remaining combatants, this outfit will help them not take as much damage.
Posted by Zen Vendetta on 12 Jul 13 at 08:16
SiguardiusJust a tip guys (author could include it). End of "pull up" is considered the moment when they are standing by the car with a gun. You can still get achievement after car stopped and MP driver is getting out of the car.
Posted by Siguardius on 15 Sep 13 at 19:01
speedo modelFuck me...this was brutal...

Got it with the pistol and Hawkshaw outfit.
Posted by speedo model on 02 May 14 at 01:33
blurzieblurzThis was one of the most BS achievements I've gone for in a while (for me at least). Thanks for the help, thumbs up.
Posted by blurzieblurz on 19 Jun 14 at 21:36
Elite1111111111I was able to hit the guy in the first car. After they parked I just shot them before they got out. When I did this though, the car that comes from the street didn't spawn. I don't know if it was because I shot the first one or if it was because I ran into the base TO shoot the first one.
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 13 Aug 14 at 22:40