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Warp Speed

Beat all Transporter Pro times.

Warp Speed+0.3
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22 Jun 2011 22 Jun 2011
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For the Mount Vogel transporter i tried and tried to use the walkthroughs above but i only ever made it over that dang bridge once and fell through it 20 other times and the time i made it over i messed up elsewhere so i missed it by 3 secs.

Im posting this video i found on YT which shows another way to do the run without using the bridge and it help me get it on the first try. all other short cuts are the same for the most part. this video skips one of the shortcuts used in the above solution so i kinda used them both together but this one shows the route if you are tired of falling through the bridge in the Free Fire Zone

the big difference is around the 3:25 point of the vid he takes the other route

This is not my video i just found it. All credit goes to DICKdeNORMATITY on youtube so stop by and show him some love if it works the way it worked for me

The second video is for the badlands 3:35 pro time in the dune buggy, for all of us who blew the crap out of the bridge that is used in the above solution

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buzzo9neoI'm thinking the same. I'd given up on this game until I beat that bottom YouTube video mission. Your video gave me the extra ten seconds I needed to get the pro time. Very helpful guide.
Posted by buzzo9neo on 12 Jan 17 at 23:11
WhataLumpV2Only problem with the bottom video is it's so poor quality when you get off the path into the rocks you cannot make out much detail.

Good idea, crappy quality. Perhaps someone affiliated with the site will do a run & upload it? Don't hold your breath!
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 06 Sep 18 at 21:24

Here's a better quality video for the Long Mt. Vogal. I've tried mixing both video's & I'm coming up 3 seconds short. Very frustrating.
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 07 Sep 18 at 18:54