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Cut 'em off at the pass

Close an enemy team's shortcut

Cut 'em off at the pass0
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Grn Lantern1Grn Lantern1573,805
23 Jun 2011
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Start up the first What-If mission on the Resistance side, and head towards the crane, make sure you're an engineer. There are two barricades in front and to the right of the crane that you can build. Build one of the barricades and bang boom, achievement unlocked.
llDurbinllThe level is called Operation Babel for those playing the JP version. wink
Posted by llDurbinll on 02 Jul 13 at 04:10
This can also be done solo in private freeplay with no bots, if your having an issue with dying constantly like i was.
Posted on 24 Dec 13 at 17:54
xWJaguar29WxIf you're going the solo private freeplay session route mentioned in the above comment, the map that has the barricade by the crane is shipyard.
Posted by xWJaguar29Wx on 10 Apr at 00:32